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Watch: Varun joins the hype, perfects mannequin challenge with his little fans!

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Published on: November 14, 2016 | Updated on: November 14, 2016

The internet is flooded with videos of people pretending to be made of plastic.

Still from the video.

Still from the video.

Mumbai: In case recently you walk into a convenient store and are startled to find people posing as mannequins, don’t be alarmed. Nothing’s wrong with them. You just walked into a stage plan where everyone is pretending like they are made of plastic. Why, you ask? Well, because they are performing their best for the mannequin challenge which has taken over internet.

The internet is flooded with videos of people pretending to be mannequins. The challenge basically is about you, along or with a group of friends, sitting, standing or posing without flinching or moving a single part of your body. No, even the eye roll doesn’t count.

So far we have seen some of the amazing mannequin challenge videos featuring Michelle Obama with LeBron James and Cleveland cavaliers, Beyonce, Kevin Hart, Paul McCartney, Blac Chyna, and now, Bollywood star Varun Dhawan has also joined the bandwagon!

The actor celebrated Children’s Day in a very happening way by taking up the mannequin challenge. Here's the video:

Meanwhile, here are some of the best mannequin challenge videos!


A video posted by kellyrowland (@kellyrowland) on


Who has heard of the #mannequinchallenge ? Grab some friends this week and create your own version!

A video posted by Zach King (@zachking) on


#MannequinChallenge complete @wayne215 @justtrain1 @cbuys6 @william_lam__ @korean_dinosaur #movewithhart #HustleHart

A video posted by Kevin Hart (@kevinhart4real) on


Dream Team #mannequinchallenge

A video posted by Blac Chyna (@blacchyna) on


With my man @krisdunn3 @champssports X @adidasoriginals #Adidas #WeKnowGame #MannequinChallenge

A video posted by Desiigner (@lifeofdesiigner) on

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