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Jackky speaks on craziest thing he’s done, reveals Mitron was called Jai Shri Krishna

Published Sep 14, 2018, 6:46 pm IST
Updated Sep 14, 2018, 6:46 pm IST
After a long time, Jackky Bhagnani has come out with a movie directed by Filmistaan helmer Nitin Kakkar.
Jackky Bhagnani in Mitron.
 Jackky Bhagnani in Mitron.

After a long time, Jackky Bhagnani has come out with a movie directed by Filmistaan helmer Nitin Kakkar and co-starring Kritika Kamra. Titled Mitron, it will see him play the crazy of Jai who is simple yet crazy.

Speaking about the film and his relatability to the character Jai, Jackky interacted with Deccan Chronicle briefly, opening up bit by bit. Here are excerpts from the interview:


How did Mitron happen?

Nitin Kakkar. He’s an honest filmmaker. I know so many actor friends who want to work with him. So I’m just happy.

What was your first reaction when you heard the script and the title?

The script is wonderful and relatable. When we shot the film, it was called Jai Shri Krishna at that point. When we told a few people about the title, they asked are we making a devotional film? After that kind of reaction, we understood that the title needs to change and then finalized on Mitron. The film is about fun, young people and so the devotional aspect didn’t suit it. What we had in mind even during Jai Shri Krishna was that people in Gujarat greet each other that way. Then Nitin sir came up with the title Mitron, which is also what Gujarati people call their friends, which is also mostly used by the PM.


How much are you like Jai in real life?

I connect with him in terms of being honest, so much pressure from family, society and everywhere. They have expectations from you and you just end up living your life fulfilling those expectations.

Do you also relate to the craziness and think you too are crazy?


What is the craziest thing you’ve done till date?

Taking the call of not working with the company anymore, which is providing jobs to many actors and directors.

Did you’ll celebrate any festival there too?


Diwali a little bit. We were there during garba and I went for some appearances too but we didn’t really get a chance to play.

What’s next for Jackky now? Do you want to do something with music?

Yes. Let’s see where that takes me.