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They molested me and I was in pain: Gauri Arora

Published Oct 13, 2016, 8:11 pm IST
Updated Oct 14, 2016, 11:22 am IST
Gauri Arora
 Gauri Arora

Mumbai: Gaurav Arora, of Splitsvilla 8 fame, was recently making headlines when he transformed himself into a woman by undergoing sex change operation. Now she is known to the world as Gauri Arora. In a recent interview, she revealed how some teenagers violated her body because ‘she was dressed as a girl and was different’.

“…I was blamed then, that it occurred because I dressed like a girl. These were boys from my tuition class who were about six or seven years older than me. One day at the park, they got me to stay late and talked to me affectionately. Initially, I was reveling in the attention from the big boys. Maybe it was my innate attraction towards boys, which I am aware of now, but I was very innocent at the time. Before I knew it, they were caressing and kissing then manhandling me and molesting me and I was in pain. I knew this was wrong although I didn't know exactly how,” she revealed this to a leading daily.

Gauri, who had informed his mother about the painful experience, was asked to stay silent about it and not even inform his father. Arora, however, went ahead and shared details of the horrific incident to his father, who in turn, approached the police later. The alleged culprits were confronted by the police. 

More respect for this person who doesn’t fear challenging the ways of this society.



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