‘I’m blessed to have Bipasha’

Published Mar 13, 2021, 1:42 pm IST
Updated Mar 13, 2021, 1:42 pm IST
Karan Singh Grover opens up about all that’s happening in his life now, including wife, Bipasha Basu
Karan Singh Grover
 Karan Singh Grover

Actor Karan Singh Grover came into prominence at the 2004 Gladrags Manhunt and Megamodel Contest and then as one of the most popular actors that year in Ekta Kapoor’s Kitni Mast Hain Zindagi. Over the years, Karan has turned into a personality to be reckoned with, especially on the small screen. He’s married to the hot and sexy actress Bipasha Basu.

Ahead of his entry in the well-known franchise Qubool Hai, which is all set to stream soon, Karan speaks to us about himself, wife Bipasha Basu, his web shows...



Q Why did you exit Kasautii Zindigii Kay? It couldn’t be COVID because you went to shoot for Qubool Hai.

I did not fear for myself but it was important for me to quit the show because if I went to the sets and, god forbid, if anything happened to me, I would be bringing the virus home. And I did not want Bipasha to get that virus. It was just a precautionary measure.
But I got covid while shooting in Serbia for Qubool Hai and had to stay back there for about 14 days after the shooting had gotten over!

Q How was it for Bipasha when you got COVID?


Bipasha was worried, as anyone else is about COVID-19. When I was in Serbia shooting for Qubool Hai, she also called up the embassy to help me with my stay as well as treatment out there. She is somebody who’s always very careful and organised, and though I was being taken care of by the doctors, Bipasha would make a chart regarding the timely routine of medicines I needed to take. She’d also speak to the doctors, which was very helpful as I couldn’t to do it, and then send me regular voice notes to keep me updated. I am blessed to have her.


Q Why did the makers prefer to shoot Qubool Hai in Serbia in these times?

Probably because Serbia is not only cheaper for shooting but also has picturesque locations. There is no humidity out there although the climatic conditions were extreme, with temperatures hitting zero-degree Celsius.
Nevertheless, audiences will love to watch the new and wonderful scenic locations. So despite everything it was worth shooting there.

Q Why did Bipasha not join you for the trip?

Yes, usually both of us go together to places either of us is shooting at. This time, owing to COVID-19, she chose not to come along. Also, we had 12–14-hour long shooting schedules, which would have gotten her bored.
Bipasha has minor gastric issues sometimes. It’s a normal problem. She’s very sensitive, especially to the change of climatic conditions.


Q What have you got on the films front?

Right now, I am not shooting any films. But I have one called Dangerous waiting to release on an OTT, though it was supposed to release in the theatres. That being said, I have been aspirational about entertainment medium, not just about working on the big screen. I believe it’s important to serve good content to our audiences.

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