Armaan Malik wants to be an actor

The singer is now going to feature in a video.

At just the age of 21, Armaan Malik has already done playback singing for the likes of Sooraj Pancholi and Salman Khan. The singer is now going to feature in a video. Excited about the fact that, for once, it will be his face and not someone else’s that he sings for, the singer reveals his wish to get into acting and much more in an interview. Edited excerpts:

Tell us about your new single. Have you moved away from your comfort zone with the song?
Aaja Na Ferrari Mein, my upcoming single, marks a shift from the romantic space that I’ve usually been associated with. It explores the pop/trap genre and has a very cool mix of Hindi and Punjabi. After Main Hoon Hero Tera and many other hits, Amaal (who has composed it), Kumaar (the lyricist) and I are back, but this time with a whole new sound and vibe.

We’ve never seen you performing in a video to your own voice before. How was the experience?
Well, this is a new beginning. It has me singing, acting and grooving all at the same time, so, it’s definitely pretty exciting for me. After a long time, I got to do something where I’m the face to my own voice and that definitely feels awesome. It’s about time that singers in India are seen as more than just singers and get a chance to go to the next level. I plan to spearhead that movement and have a dream to take the music of India to the world.

Are you looking at a career in acting now?
Well, yes everyone expects that it’s my next step. As of now, my music career is headed in a great direction and I don’t want to hinder that in any way since music is my first love. For films, I need to come prepared with all the necessary skills like acting, dancing, action. Also, I have a great body. I need to put in the time for that. Acting will happen eventually but not right away. I’ll be more interested in acting only when it has to do something with who I am in real life. More like playing a singer or musician on screen like in Aashiqui or Rockstar.

How are you handling all the female attention?
I love the attention. I love how I am so loved by the people, especially the girls.

What about the stalkers? I believe there has been a fair share of them?
The stalkers can get a little scary at times but I guess all these things are a part of being famous.

Are you and your brother Amaal planning to forge separate careers?
We both anyway have separate careers. He’s a composer and I’m a singer. We are not a duo like the Carpenters. But we often collaborate on songs together. I love the fact that both of us are in the same industry but charting our own journey along the way and making our parents proud.

Your father Daboo Malik went through a prolonged period of struggle as a composer...
His struggle made us stronger. He told us that the industry is a very transient one and that one day, you can be kept on the throne of success and the next day, you can be dropped like a hot potato. Success and failure will all come and go. So, keep your work your main focus. What matters is that you do great work and you will definitely be remembered for that for years to come.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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