Radhika Apte's Airport Ordeal: Locked Aerobridge and Flight Delays

Renowned Bollywood actor Radhika Apte took to Instagram today to share a distressing experience she and fellow passengers faced at an undisclosed airport. The 'Sacred Games' actor documented the ordeal through photos and videos, shedding light on the challenges passengers encountered during a flight delay.

In her Instagram post, Radhika Apte revealed that her 8:30 AM flight was significantly delayed, and despite the delay, passengers were boarded onto the aerobridge. Shockingly, the airline staff then locked the passengers inside the aerobridge, leaving them stranded.

"Today morning I had a flight at 8:30. It's 10:50 now and the flight has still not boarded. BUT the flight said we were boarding and put all the passengers in the aerobridge and LOCKED IT," she shared.

Expressing concern for those particularly affected, Radhika highlighted that passengers, including those with small babies and elderly individuals, were kept in this situation for over an hour, with security unwilling to open the doors. The actor posted a clip on Instagram showing passengers behind a locked glass door, trying to communicate with the security staff.

As frustration mounted, the airlines informed the passengers that they would be stuck inside the aerobridge for at least another hour. Radhika Apte, sharing her frustration, wrote, "Now I'm locked inside. AND they just told us that we will be here till a minimum of 12 pm. All locked in. No water, no loo. Thanks for the fun ride."

While Radhika Apte chose not to disclose the specific city or airline involved, her account highlights the challenges passengers can face during flight delays and the need for better communication and passenger care. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of addressing such situations promptly and ensuring the well-being of passengers, especially those with specific needs.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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