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Entertainment Bollywood 12 Aug 2016 People look down on ...

People look down on Bollywood numbers: Farah Khan

Published Aug 12, 2016, 1:10 am IST
Updated Aug 12, 2016, 1:13 am IST
Farah Khan never ceases to amaze you with her brand of humour and energy.
Farah Khan
 Farah Khan

Farah Khan never ceases to amaze you with her brand of humour and energy. We caught up with the choreographer-turned-filmmaker on the sets of Jhalak Diklaa Jaa and got her to pour her heart out on her stint with the show, Shirish Kunder’s recent controversy, Shah Rukh Khan and more. Edited excerpts from the interview:

Farah you are looking lighter. What’s the secret? Why this drastic change all of a sudden?
Aditya Chopra had recommended the Viva Mayr Medical Spa in Austria long time ago. I wasn’t inspired to take it up but then I saw Parineeti Chopra and I told myself that I should go right now. During my stay there, they conducted some tests and gave me valuable tips on what is good for my body type and when and how to eat. I have successfully managed to knock off 10 kgs.


If you look at the choreography in Bollywood today, it’s the same tried and tested moves that you see in 50-odd movies. Does the situation alarm you?
I miss the kind of stuff that we did previously. I think, not only others, but even I am not being inventive enough now. We are repeating the same pattern again and again. Today, people tend to look down on big Bollywood numbers. That is why Hollywood movies are over taking us. The last song I was happy with was Gerua. I felt I did something interesting in that tried and tested mode. I have tried to do something interesting with Rangoon. I don’t know whether the songs will be commercially successful, but we took risks.

Recently your husband Shirish Kunder was caught in a rather embarrassing controversy, with his film Kriti mired in copyright issues. It must have been tough for you too. What’s your take on the whole subject?
I am happy that his short film is doing well. It was unfortunate that a person got up from nowhere and did this. A lot of people decided to believe this person and run Shirish down. It was very stressful for me.

According to you, what makes a show work — the judges, the format or the contestants?
The contestants and the format makes a show; not the judges. Big Boss will be as successful as Jhalak if the contestants are great. Of course, Salman does a fabulous job but if the contestants let you down there is not much you can do as the host or the judge. I think with Jhalak they manage to get good contestants year after year. There is a certain dignity to the show, and contestants believe they have become better dancers. It’s a grand show — everything is done on a large scale.