I found it really hard when I left Anurag: Kalki Koechlin breaks her silence

Being absolutely upfront, Kalki confessed about the struggle she had to go through after separating with Anurag.

Mumbai: Kalki Koechlin has always been very verbal about her feelings and has never hesitated to speak her mind. Kalki is not just an actor but an artist. She is a well known personality in the world of theatre. Going by the type of films that Kalki has picked for herself so far, we all know that a different kind of cinema appeals to her.

Daring by nature and honest by choice, Kalki Koechlin bared it all in a candid interview with Elle magazine.

Being absolutely upfront, Kalki confessed about the struggle she had to go through after parting from her then husband Anurag Kashyap.

“I found it really hard when I left Anurag (Kashyap, her ex-husband). The first year… it was tough. I grew up in boarding school and then shared houses with people, so I had never lived alone. But it’s something I really needed to learn how to do,” Kalki said. Kalki and Anurag, who tied the knot in year 2011, went their separate ways in 2013.

The actress also expressed that being naked for art doesn’t stress her. Recalling her theatre debut act, Kalki said, "That took nerves, just to be in front of an audience and forget myself. But once you’re in your character it’s almost like, that’s not me on stage. My body is actually the least naked part of me."

Kalki also addressed one of the most controversial topic- sex.

"Sex is better in my thirties; I’m less inhibited with my body. In your twenties, you’re very worried about how people perceive you. I’ve become more selfish in bed now. And I’m much more fussy (about partners), my bullshit tolerance is a lot less. I don’t just like someone because they like me, which was the case usually. But, then again, as you get older, you’re just grateful to be getting some," said the actress.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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