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Yogita Yana - An Instagram model who is taking Instagram by storm

Published Jun 12, 2019, 4:53 pm IST
Updated Jun 12, 2019, 4:53 pm IST
Yogita Yana.
 Yogita Yana.

Born in Assam raised in Mumbai, Yogita Yana was just simply running a shutout page for bloggers. The 20-year-old blogger just decided to start blogging fashion and little did she knew that the luck was on her side. Her Instagram page soon skyrocketed. Her simple and effortless style which can be easily created using articles that most commonly resides in every millennial’s wardrobe made her relatable.

“Styling is all about how you present yourself. It's about carrying yourself with confidence in anything you wear,” says Yogita.

The fashionista shares her love for silhouettes and patterns, “Being into styling is the best part Because you get the perfect opportunity to play with colours. You can always mismatch your outfit and create your own trend”

Yogita just subtly concurs the words of legendary fashion editor Grace Coddington “Anything for a picture” with the kind of lengths she goes to for a shoot.



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