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Rani Mukerji feels heat of #MeToo reaction

Published Jan 12, 2019, 12:07 am IST
Updated Jan 12, 2019, 12:07 am IST
Rani Mukerji
 Rani Mukerji

The #MeToo movement had presented the most compelling moments of women’s solidarity in the country in 2018 when it came to condemning sexual predators. The issue has not been free of controversy though as the actress Rani Mukerji would readily testify. She was trolled for suggesting a sort of solution to the problem by way of women getting themselves trained in the martial arts in order to defend themselves.

Rani may have been impelled by a desire to empower women rather than speak only about the problem as her fellow actresses did in a round table hosted by a television channel. She was mistaken for being condescending towards the victims of sexual abuse when she suggested that self defence be compulsorily taught in girls’ schools.

The huge media blitz over the issue notwithstanding, it is unlikely sexual predators will be disappearing soon. While Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt, Anushka Sharma said there should be no sense of fear in women regarding harassment, Rani went a little further in suggesting women should have the courage to say “back off”. It was not a popular viewpoint which did not go down well with Tweeple, who trolled Rani.

It was interesting nevertheless to hear what the stars had to say of a problem that has haunted many in their industry, which had also gained notoriety thanks to the casting couch. There is always the hope that 2019 would be a better year for women in the light of so many women having gone through the catharsis of unburdening themselves of their space being invaded by sexual predators.

Arjun Gupta @BongArjun
RadhikaApte deserved a spot there. I hope its coz of some schedule conflict or stuff like that coz of which she missed out and not something else. Rani Mukherjee's views on the #MeToo movement was a weird and disturbing to some extent

MUHAMMADALI @alleearain
as for #RaniMukherjee you have a daughter yourself.. at what age are you going to start teaching her martial arts to protect her from predators? You wouldn't have to because you come from a privileged background and your daughter will be brought up in one too

Gabbbar @GabbbarSingh
Rani Mukherjee is like that B schooler in a Placement Group Discussion, who has multiple years of worthless IT experience sitting among freshers. She's really desperate to get this job. And will speak out all the points she has noted on a piece of paper

UrjitaWani @WaniUrjita
While Rani Mukherjee continues to cut every actress on the panel* Masand: hey Tabu you have been awfully quiet..Tabu: actually I have been through all of this, I just want to learn about their journey and experiences. Two actresses from the same generation, poles apart

Rani Mukherjee take on #Metoo movement is just atrocious ... she is speaking about martial arts and all and wants women to change rather than the men...Even 5 year old babies get raped... Some can't afford schools forget martial arts

AyushGarg@ ayushxgarg
Oh man, this Rani Mukherjee's logical reasoning level surpasses every other major nuisance. Goodbye, 2018

Rani Mukherjee's opinion on #MeToo is so problematic, I am glad Tabu hit you with her car in Saathiya

Siva Prasad Rao @Sivaprasadrao
Yes. Rani Mukherjee is wrong. It's like saying we don't need police because, ideally people shouldn't be committing crimes

VasudhaVenugopal @vasudha_ET
No difference between Sowcar Janaki and Rani Mukherjee. One says women who are speaking out now have no shame, another says, it won't happen if women don't let it happen. Only dead people should be our heroes because they can't disappoint us with their "views"

RohitBohra @Hypocrite_Aadmi 
Rani Mukherjee to men: You don't have to stop raping, we'll improvise. #martialarts

As much as men need to change, women like Rani Mukherjee also need to change. #MeToo

Rani Mukherjee came to the interview with A grade left the interview with D grade Opposite of #Hitchki happened to her on this interview

Rachel White @whitespeaking
Dear #RaniMukherjee ma'am while growing up I saved up pocket money and had posters of you in my room. Today I regret it , should've had Bruce Lee instead 



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