Crazy start for the birthday boy

The eldest son of Crazy Star Ravichandran announces a brand new project... and speaks about his negative avatar in Chillam.

Unlike many others who faltered, he made an impressive debut in Saheba which was a content-driven venture rather than a film with the usual heroic acts for that ‘all important’ launch as the son of a star actor. Then, he choose a different path in Brihaspathi, his second film, and later in Chillam, he chose a negative avatar! As Manoranjan Ravichandran, the eldest son of Crazy Star Ravichandran turns a year older today (Tuesday), he announced that he has signed a brand new project titled Prarambha which means start. He spoke to Bengaluru Chronicle about the new start, and the delay behind his next release Chillam, his birthday plans and much more.

“After the first two films, I continued with a different kind of script for Chillam where I am portraying a negative role, but with an entirely different take to it. However, due to some reason, the movie was stalled temporarily. I had worked a lot on the appearance for the character. In between, I also fell ill and lost track of it. Now, I have signed Prarambha which is again being made by a completely new team,” says Manoranjan.

The talented actor reveals that Prarambha will be directed by Manu Kalyadi, and will be launched on the occasion of Sankranti in 2019. He will yet again have multiple looks to his character, one is a bearded avatar, and another is as a student. A family entertainer, for which Prajwal Pai, who had scored the music for Uppu Huli Khara will be joining the new team. A new actress will also make her debut as the female lead in this film.

“Chillam will resume soon too. After I fell ill, I had lost a lot of weight, which is why I am not seen in the posters of the new movie. In fact, I have signed three more movies, all being done by new teams. I haven’t given dates to any of them but the release of at least two of them is in 2019. All three of them are also equally interesting, which has been my constant endeavour — not to do routine films,” Manoranjan shares.

About his birthday celebrations, the actor reveals that he had announced that he would be skipping this year’s celebrations though he feels a lot of surprises are being planned by his younger brother Vikram Ravichandran and his dear fans. “Our family shared a close relationship with Ambareesh Uncle. I have requested my fans to skip this year’s celebrations, and may be next year when a couple of my films will be ready for release, then I shall celebrate,” he signs off.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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