B-Town's queer side: Fraternity reacts to Imran Khan's comment on LGBT

Celebs react to Imran Khan's statement at Harvard with their own take on Bollywood's representation of the LGBTQs.

Sushant Divgikar, model and actor
I think the problem with the representation of LGBTQ characters in Bollywood is that it plays out in extremes — it is either fantastic or complete trash. There is no middle ground.

For example, Fire. That movie was so ahead of its time and so fantastic in its representation of homosexual women. I remember watching it with my parents at home because my parents loved good cinema. They still do. But cinema that good and that sensitive is a rarity.

In recent times, I’ve seen both ends of the spectrum — films that make caricatures out of LGBTQ characters as well as films that treat them sensitively, like Bombay Talkies, for example. And even the upcoming Aligarh.

I personally believe that if a filmmaker is incapable of being as sensitive as a Hansal Mehta or a Deepa Mehta when dealing with this subject, he/she should steer clear of it.

Mimoh, actor
India has been known the world over as a country of diversity and culture, and now the young generation is ready to take that further. I believe we should respect all people, even in our cinema.

That happens sometimes, like in Hansal Mehta’s upcoming Aligarh. But more needs to be done, and more movies need to be made. I believe that we are all one under the eyes of the Almighty and our actions should reflect that.

Tara Alisha Berry, model and actress
I agree with Imran, but things are changing slowly but surely. Also, the issue is much larger than just Bollywood — the entire nation is still prejudiced. Baby steps are being taken in the right direction though, like YRF’s Six Pack Band.

I feel that if we increasingly show support and acceptance of the LGBTQ community, and instil non-judgement in the kids of today, then that will eventually seep into society and into the pop culture born out of it, including Bollywood.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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