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'I am with RGV, women should take classes of how to give pleasure': Rakhi Sawant

Published Mar 10, 2017, 9:52 am IST
Updated Mar 10, 2017, 9:54 am IST
Rakhi Sawant
 Rakhi Sawant

Mumbai: Soon after the derogatory tweet of filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma on Women's Day landed him in trouble, Bollywood actress Rakhi Sawant backed him by saying every woman should let go of their responsibilities of kitchen and learn to give pleasure to her man.

While talking to the media, Rakhi said, "Whatever Ram Gopal Varma said is right. I am with him, where he has praised Sunny Leone. I would also like to say that every woman, as said by Ram Gopal Varma, should learn to give pleasure."

"Women should let go their responsibilities of kitchen and should take coaching classes of how to give pleasure," she added.

The item girl lauded the ace producer for his tweet and said a woman spends her entire life to raise her kids and a man forgets the relationship of 20 to 30 years in a snap, as soon as he sees an attractive woman.

On Thursday, Varma took to Twitter and apologised to "those who genuinely got offended."

The 'Satya' director took to his Twitter handle to say, "Was just expressing my feelings but I apologise to all who were offended due to my unintended insensitive tweets in context of women's day."

"My apology is only to those who genuinely got offended and not to those who ranted for publicity nd threatened to take law into their hands," he added.



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