Disrespecting women means disrespecting 50 per cent of India, says Abhishek Dixit

Debutante director Abhishek Dixit is bringing a refreshing cinema about friendship, Hum Chaar with a tagline - 'Friends Bhi Family Hain'.

Mumbai: Sooraj Barjatya produced Hum Chaar is all set to release next Friday. Taking all the newcomers like Prit Kamani, Anshuman Malhotra, Tushar Pandey and Simran Sharma in one film, debutante director Abhishek Dixit is bringing a refreshing cinema about friendship with a tagline - 'Friends Bhi Family Hain'.

Making a first film that too with newcomers is indeed a big challenge for every filmmaker, however, when Abhishek was asked about it, he said, "When we make a film with well-established star, it would make you feel nervous. It's easy to be honest with the storyline when you work with newcomers. While writing the film, the first thing came in my mind that this is completely a newcomers' film."

"Before the shoot, all the four actors gave full time to rehearsals. We couldn't have afforded that much liberty with stars. We made Hum Chaar with full of honesty and don't have anything to lose. We haven't copied anything and made a pure film," Abhishek added.

Hum Chaar castHum Chaar cast

Rajshri Productions is known to make films for families and this is the first time they are bringing a mixture of friends and family together. Speaking about that Abhishek said, "Basically, the theme of Friendship came from Sooraj Ji (Sooraj Barjatya). We always say Friends and Family but never make them a part of our family. Hence, we brought this concept of giving status to friends like family."

"I didn't need to convince Sooraj Ji for the film. He doesn't believe in box-office figures and gives importance to storytelling. He gave me full liberty to direct a film in my own way," added the 'Hum Chaar' director.

Right now, the MeToo movement is gaining momentum in India. When asked about it, the debutante filmmaker said, "I think If you have the power to do something especially a wrong thing but you still don't do anything inappropriately, makes yourself powerful. I know how to behave in working environment. First thing from my side will always be to make my employee comfortable at the workplace. If you think accordingly, then you will not do anything wrong. I feel If you don't respect women then you are disrespecting 50 per cent of India."

"I would like to experiment in different genres. Whether it is horror or thriller, I want to try all," Abhishek added. When asked about Hum Chaar's resemblance with 1964's film Dosti, Abhishek stated, "Hum Chaar and Dosti's theme is same but the essence is different. After watching, Hum Chaar, the audience will find something familiar with their personal life."

Lastly, speaking about competing with Gully Boy at the box-office, Hum Chaar director said, "There is no competition or clash. Both films are different. I want to watch Gully Boy and I feel people should give chance to Hum Chaar as well. I want audiences should watch both the film."

Hum Chaar is releasing on February 15, 2019.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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