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There are many people who backstab: Rakesh Roshan

Published Jan 10, 2017, 12:29 am IST
Updated Jan 10, 2017, 12:32 am IST
...says Rakesh Roshan in an exclusive interview ahead of Kaabil’s release.
Rakesh Roshan
 Rakesh Roshan

With his home production, Kaabil starring Hrithik Roshan and Yami Guatam, all set to release on January 25, Rakesh Roshan is confident that the tale revolving around a visually impaired couple, will do well owing to the wonderfully woven script that has a strong emotional string.

The filmmaker keeps himself updated with the latest happenings always. Confirming this, he says, “Yes. I try to keep up to the latest. Also with my own son Hrithik, yadi woh mujh se dus kadm aage rehta hai toh mein, 9 kadm peeche (If he stays ten steps ahead of me, I am nine steps behind!),” he smiles.


Interestingly, Sr. Roshan regularly sits in his office and pays close attention to what’s happening in his profession, by watching movies on the telly. “I try to keep learning,” he affirms, adding, “The day we stop learning is the last day for us. I also like to watch newer talent and films. However, I may have not met them all. In today’s times, films with an emotional click works at the box office Undeniably, superficial tales fail to allure the audiences. Sultan, Neerja, Pink and Dangal, are some recent examples, which did well at the BO, simply owing to the emotional connect. Basically, nothing has changed. Unless the film has the emotional connect, it does not appeal to the audiences. I watch every new film on Fridays.”
Delving further on keeping pace with Hrithik, especially where fitness is concerned, Rakesh says, “I regularly work out in the gym. I also take care of my diet as well.”


As the conversation veers towards Hrithik, the producer-director, continues, “We always like to conclude our discussions on a positive note. I do not have any ego hassles, in fact, I always like to hear from the new generation. Hrithik is very emotional, and thus, cares for an emotional tale. He has assisted me in almost four or five films. Whenever in discussion, he knows that for my films, scenic locales play an important part. For example, if I need a boat for a scene, he knows that I will go to any extent to get the best boat from anywhere in the world. Thus, we are mostly on the same page always. However, while discussing about songs, he always tells me, ‘Papa, just add some contemporary note to it’.”


Is Rakesh Roshan social? “Well,” he replies, “I do discuss things with my friends — I am social, especially with friends who understand and support me, and above all, are genuine. I notice that there are many people who back-stab you. They pretend to be friends but mouka aane par, kuch bhi kar sakte hai (Given a chance, they can do anything). Twitter par bhi kuch bhi likh dete hai (They write anything on Twitter as well.)”

Does he readily make changes? “Main apne dil ka raja hoon! (I am the King of my heart!) But when anyone feels or says that there need to be some changes, I do consider it. If something is really wrong, I willingly try to make changes as well.”


As we probe about back-stabbing, Rakesh simply says, “This is an inherent quality that exists in every human being. They are basically insecure people. And such commoners do exist in every profession.”

Advising son Hrithik during these not-so-good-times, Rakesh asserts, “I advised Hrithik not be scared of failures at all. I have seen tough times as well so when a few films of his did not do well at the initial stages, I told him to just work hard, and that he will bounce back in a way that, sab ki ankhen khuli ki khuli reh jayegi (Everyone will notice it with their eyes wide open).”


Family first
Indeed, we Roshans are a close-knit family — this itself is the strength, not only to the industry but to all the family members. During the not-so-good-times, we remain stable, unmoved and above all, being a bonded family is the biggest strength. Bad times will wither away with time.

On social life
I am social but I don’t attend filmy parties, nor do I associate with people from the same profession. Mostly, I notice there are many people who backstab you!