Karan Johar’s innuendo

In an ad for a soup brand, the filmmaker is seen engaging in sexually suggestive word-play with a man.

Karan Johar’s sexual orientation is open to endless speculation. Now, to add fuel to fire he is seen openly lusting at a male model-type in an ad for a soup brand. The ad opens to a man ringing Karan’s doorbell, all wet and vulnerable and the director is seen looking the model up and down in a manner that is decidedly not clinical. When the male lust-factor is invited inside, he asks Karan for warm soup. Karan looks at his late-night guest with eyes that suggest something far warmer than soup. But finally, soup it is.

The ad, the first to spotlight a homoerotic connection between two men who bond over steaming-hot soup is interesting for the casting. The filmmaker playing himself and making his amorous orientation very clear is a sign of a growing inclination to come out clean. A close friend of Karan, “He is not afraid to be seen being interested in men. He is not shouting about his sexual orientation from rooftops, but it is clearly on display. No ambiguity there.”

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