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Ileana D’Cruz slams haters for body shaming Lauren Gottlieb

Published Jun 9, 2016, 8:30 pm IST
Updated Jun 10, 2016, 12:59 pm IST
Ileana asked haters not to spread negativity if they had nothing nice to say.
 Ileana asked haters not to spread negativity if they had nothing nice to say.

Choreographer turned Bollywood actress Lauren Gottlieb, was recently subjected to body shaming by a few of her social media followers. The star, was criticized by a few haters saying she ‘looked like a man’ and another who ridiculed her for ‘trying to look Indian’.

Lucky for Lauren, her new buddy Ileana D’Cruz came to her aid and shot down the haters. The actress, who recently revealed that she was struggling with her body image, asked haters not to spread negativity if they had nothing nice to say.

It all started about a few days ago, when Lauren shared a post of wrongly being features with Shahid Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor and John Abraham in the best dressed men’s list. However, things took a nasty turn when haters ridiculed her saying she ‘looked like a man’.

One hater took things further saying she should be ‘banned’ fro trying to look Indian. He said, “One India needs to put a ban on these girls who tan themselves to look Indian. What's wrong with being yourself? This is racist and disgusting. No wonder you're a flop actress. Never will be as great as Katrina Kaif.”

Ileana was quick to give this person a piece of her mind saying, “How dare u?! Every single woman, Indian or foreign, is beautiful in her own way! If @laurengottlieb looks Indian I shld think that u make u proud! Don't unnecessarily use ur words to try and offend or insult someone else...if u have nothing nice to say, then don't say anything at all. On another note, I ideally shldnt comment on comments like these becoz they r not worth it..but having known Lauren personally, she a lovely human being n is kind, helpful n caring n I for one am very proud she is here in Bollywood n making a wonderful name for herself.”


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Lauren’s fans also followed in Ileana’s footsteps and slammed the hater for his remarks. It wasn’t long before Lauren took note and thanked them for their support. She said, “I love you all so much!!!!!!!! Seriously you made me so happy...you all know who you are...and you have a special place in my heart.”

To Ileana, she wrote, “That's gotta be the best girl power speech I have ever freaking seen!!! Or maybe because this was a personal attack that it hit home so hard. I didn't know whether to shed a tear or give a cheer so I stood up and gave you a standing ovation and did both!! THANK YOU for what you said about me, and more importantly for that example you just showed to everyone!! You are such a breath of fresh air Ileana!! I look up to you in so many ways and I'm so happy to call you a friend. Gonna give you the tightest squeeze when I see you tomorrow!”

Ileana then said, “Awww. I just cldnt sit back n listen to bulls**t like that...although I feel sorry for ppl like that who carry around so much hate within themselves...u r a lovely person n it just isn't bloody right to have ppl talk utter rubbish just becoz they can! I'm just so glad there r far more good ppl out here supporting u than awful ones! N yes I'll take that hug tomorrow for sure.”

Lauren's mother Lyn also stood up in her daughter's defense, saying that she was in India to do her job and shouldn't be singled out. She said, "My daughter Lauren Gottlieb is a beautiful person. And I'm speaking of her heart and her soul. I will never understand the hatred people can spew at another human being. Someone that they don't even know. Lauren is in India to do her work. Same as people do all over the world. Why single her out? She has done nothing to hurt anyone there and does work to help others every day. I am sure you wouldn't want us to treat Indian people who are here working as you have my daughter. But you really don't matter here. What does matter are all the wonderful, supportive people today here who came to @laurengottlieb's defense. I can only imagine how good that made her feel. I know how it made me feel. The world needs loving and caring people in order to cancel out the hateful ones. So, thank you all from my heart to your's!"



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