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I am passionate about my work and that transalates on celluloid'

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Published on: May 8, 2022 | Updated on: May 8, 2022

Kartik Aryan is all set for the release of his latest film Bhool Bhulaiya 2

Kartik Aryan. (Twitter)

Kartik Aryan. (Twitter)

Gen X considers you an icon. Does that put you under pressure considering the youth connect fast and disconnect too at the same speed?

I am very connected with my fans through social media. My instagram has turned into a portal. It is a one-on-one connection and I am very active on it. At least one or two films of mine have been releasing in a year. Dhamaka had premiered on OTT. The film was made so that we don’t lose the connect and are able to entertain people.

So, it’s passion, not pressure.

Though being an outsider, you were well received in Bollywood. It’s been a decade now. Are you getting the same response especially after the rumoured fallout with a big production house?

I am thankful to have got loads of love from everyone. Filmmakers believed in me and offered me big films. Right from my debut film Panchnama to now doing Bhool Bhulaiyaa-2, it’s been a decade. My experience in the industry has been very fruitful. Yesterday, after watching the title track of BB2, I watched my first song of Punchnama on U-Tube, Ishaq na kariyo.

It showed my growth and as an actor. I am full of of gratitude and wish my reliability remains so. When I am so passionate about my work that translates on the celluloid and the producers see that, the relationship grows multifold. Directors/producers tend to repeat me. This ensures validation.

You faced a lot of turmoil. How did you come out of it?

I have a lot of patience. Actions speak louder than words, that is what I believe in. I never speak out even if I am going through bad times.  Only if my film does well or doesn’t work, that’s what affects me.

It is tough for outsiders to make it in Bollywood.

I would like to give a message to all: don’t lose hope. I have always been working hard. Even now I try to improve on my shortcomings. A lot of people, when we come to work specifically in Bollywood to gain fame and name, lose hope soon, thinking we will not get an opportunity. It’s not so. If I can get a chance many others can also get. There have been a many outsiders who have entered this Bollywood industry and have made a huge name for themselves. I remember during my struggling time we lived with 12 boys. It was a P.G accommodation.

Losing hope a few returned back. This could have happened to me as well. But my parents taught me to never leave your aim in between.

How do you cope when work slips out of your hands?

Sometimes it’s a blessing and at times you lose. The industry is going through a good phase. If you are talented you will get work. Especially now with OTT streaming, every production house is announcing one slate after the other. Many people’s dreams are getting fulfilled.

BB 2 is clashing with Kangana’s film Dhaakad.

Both the films look fabulous and are of different genres. I watched the trailer of Dhaakad and liked it. I wish both the films work at the box office.

Usually male driven films do well at the BO. Dhaakad is a female driven film. How do you look at this?

Gangubai was a fully female driven film and did well. Many male driven films didn’t do well. So, it’s not about who’s driving the film but whether the film is good or not. Good films are running at the B.O.

BB2 is a new genre for you.

Yes. Specifically, this is a horror genre mixed with comedy. At times the film takes a turn towards drama and all of a sudden it turns into comedy. The trailer has received a humongous response. I have done comedy earlier but this is a completely different genre. .

Will the film be compared to Akshay Kumar’s BB1?

BB2 is a new story and a new sequel. The characters are all new barring one or two.

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