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Will Shraddha Kapoor bring home a ghar jamayi?

Published Jan 9, 2017, 12:26 am IST
Updated Jan 9, 2017, 12:28 am IST
Shraddha Kapoor
 Shraddha Kapoor

The sizzling jodi — Shraddha Kapoor and Aditya Roy Kapoor — is all set to showcase their electrifying performances in their next release, OK Jaanu, a film based on Mani Ratnam’s Ok Bangaram. Talking about the story, Shraddha says, “The concept of a live-in relationship that is depicted in the film is a very current and contemporary issue. After several discussions with friends, I know that many feel it’s fine to share a live-in relationship.”

“For me, it’s like ‘the heart is where the home is’. I love my parents... if they are okay with me getting my partner (after marriage) home, I will. Leaving my parents’ home, where I have been all my life, will really be difficult for me. Being too attached to my maasi, my brother and relatives as well, the very thought of leaving them is a dreadful feeling.”

So, is Shraddha okay making her spouse, the ghar jamayi. She answers with her bright smile, “Jee haan, mera bus chaley toh (If I could have my way).”

Getting nostalgic about her childhood, she continues, “Recently, when I opened an old box containing my childhood toys, it was such a lovely feeling. I love my room as I was born here and lived here. Initially, my brother and I would share this room, but once we grew up, we would often fight for this room, which ultimately came to me.”

Shraddha even has a favourite corner in the room. “Yes, I have made a simple space for myself in one of the corners, near the window. It’s simply a bedcover folded up with two pillows in the corners. I sit here every morning and meditate. I have always seen butterflies flying into my room from this corner. Even squirrels come in at times — makes me feel wonderful. I also watch the rising sun from this corner every day.”

With a keen love for plants, Shraddha shows off her very own green space. “I have a green thumb — whatever I plant, flourish. I nurture and take care of the money plant, a hibiscus plant, an aloe-vera shoot, and another plant that looks like the touch-me-not-plant but has a different name. I love gardening.”

She clarifies about her reported live-in relation with Farhan Akhtar. “It’s ridiculous to write something like this based on sources. Main kya action loon? All I can say is please confirm before writing.”

On a happier note, she adds, “My film, Half Girlfriend is completed, with the post production work and dubbing going on now. Whether I will be putting on weight for my role as Haseena is best left a secret. However, this weight gain issue will be very difficult for me.”



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