I'm the only star who has no house outside India, reveals Aamir Khan

While many raised eyebrows on Aamir's comment, the actor reveals that he never actually said what was portrayed by the media.

Mumbai: Aamir Khan’s ‘intolerance comment’ surely spread like a wildfire in the country and led to another storm of controversy for the actor. While many celebrities raised eyebrows on Aamir’s comment, the actor reveals that he never actually said what was portrayed by the media.

In an interview on a TV show, the actor clarifies the misunderstanding by saying that he was born in India and will die in the same country as well. “I was born here in this country and I can assure you that I will die here as well.”

“Actually, what I said earlier was portrayed as ‘Aamir along with his wife and kids wants to leave the country’ but I can barely even spend two weeks outside of India,” adds Aamir.

Earlier, Aamir Khan was quoted saying “Kiran asked me if we should move out of India Aamir,” which became a hot topic in the country and attracted a lot of negative reaction from people.

Clarifying the issue, Aamir says, “One needs to understand that we talk about many things at home but that doesn’t mean that we are going to take any action or we intend to. Kiran just expressed her views, an emotion and that emotion scared me a little. She never said that she wants to leave the country. Kiran and I love our country a lot and we are not leaving India, I can assure you that.”

After Aamir Khan’s comment on intolerance, many Bollywood celebrities expressed their views, including Anupam Kher, who commented on the issue by saying, “Aamir should have informed Kiran about the love and admiration the country has bestowed upon him which made him into the Aamir Khan,” to which Aamir jokingly replied, “I think Anupam Kher thought they were talking about his wife, Kirron Kher.”

The actor went further and said, “Jokes aside, I know a lot of people spoke out on the issue, including Anupam Kher. Many people expressed their emotions saying ‘How could Aamir say all this?’ because I was actually misunderstood and misquoted. Now when media is saying ‘Aamir wants to leave the country’, it’s normal for people to get offended. Now if someone I love says he wants to leave the country, it will affect me. But there’s no truth in it and people have been misled. I never said I wanted to leave India.”

The actor then revealed how he feels India is the best country to live in and how he always fails to adjust abroad. “Film stars have many houses outside India and I am the only actor who doesn’t have a single house outside my country. I am not saying that there’s anything wrong with buying several properties outside India, but I didn’t feel the necessity to buy another house, even if I want to go out on a holiday. Everything that I have, is here, in India.”

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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