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Exclusive: Karan's like my own son, happy he'll carry forward Deol legacy, says Bobby

Published Sep 7, 2017, 12:13 am IST
Updated Sep 7, 2017, 12:43 pm IST
Ahead of the release of his latest film Poster Boy, Bobby Deol gets chatty.
Bobby Deol, Sunny and Karan Deol.
 Bobby Deol, Sunny and Karan Deol.

While the shy Bobby Deol looks up to a positive phase in his career with Poster Boys, his latest film (alongside brother Sunny) which is all set to allure audiences this Friday, we ask him about his work and family life.

About his comeback film


Shreyas came up with a great script and Poster Boys has already been made in Marathi. It’s a hilarious film so we decided to be a part of it. I portray the role of a Sanskrit teacher, which was difficult for me. I had to attend a few workshops; I read Gayatri Mantras innumerable times and guess what? My tongue could be easily twisted!

Before the comeback…

I was busy fighting my demons — not-so-good habits that I could throw away with the support of my family. I now feel very positive. When you are positive it shows on your face, you love to work hard and life brings lots of good things making you victorious once again. I am sure hereafter I will be doing more films. I am busy shooting my next Yamla Pagla…


On dealing with failures

You need to remain happy come what may. Always try to smile and keep yourself busy with things that interests you. My blood group is B+ (laughs), thus I remained positive even while facing ups and downs on the professional front.

His inspiration

My papa. I am lucky; whenever he writes any shayaris, he narrates them to me first. Papa always tells me, “Look! I have been in the industry for innumerable years, but I am still struggling. So do not leave hope; every day is a struggle in man’s life. Look ahead for a fresh and a happening day.”


On being punished by parents
I remember once I did not want to appear for my preliminary examination. I was like when we have to appear for the final exams, then why should we sit for the prelims. It is then that I got slapped by dad. Mom was very strict, she would remove her chappals and hit us.

On Dharm’s next gen coming into films

Karan (Sunny’s son) is like my own son and I am happy he will carry forward the Deol legacy. My son is 16 and the younger one is just 13. I am more keen for them to finish their studies but whatever profession they would like to pursue, we will support them. I am like a good cop to my kids while my wife’s a bad cop. My wife does not spare the rod when it comes to studies and discipline, so they are friendlier with me.


On not socialising with the film fraternity

Actually, I have more friends from school days. I tried socialising within the filmy arena but I found a lot of fakery. I do not like to sit down and gossip.

On Sunny Deol

I respect bhaiyya like dad. He is very emotional and always cares for the well-being of all family members. I can sit and talk to him as a friend.