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Entertainment Bollywood 07 Sep 2016 I have made it on my ...

I have made it on my own: Esha Gupta

Published Sep 7, 2016, 12:43 am IST
Updated Sep 7, 2016, 3:27 am IST
Esha Gupta on the dark side of Bollywood and coming out with her head held high.
Esha Gupta
 Esha Gupta

When an actress isn’t on a movie set, it doesn’t mean she is not working. In fact, it’s a constant challenge to always keep looking fit and gorgeous. As actress Esha Gupta tells us, you never know when your phone rings with the big offer and the chances of ruining it are high if one is not ready.

Her recently released film Rustom touched Rs 100 crore and it couldn’t be a better way for her to pat herself for being patient.


“I’ve been around waiting for the right movies, working hard on myself and my art,” says Esha whose disciplined life includes dance classes, pilates and avoiding parties.

“I like to be at home with my close friends and watch TV. I’ve always been like this. During Diwali parties in the industry, I am in and out in 30 minutes,” says the teetotaller.

The actress has had a dream debut with the Bhatt’s in Jannat 2 and later Chakravyuh with Prakash Jha. Despite the initial high, somewhere her career lost steam and it took a while for her to deal with it.

“My first two years were fab and then suddenly there was a downfall. My other movies got lot of negative reviews and unfortunately I was starting to get B-grade movie offers which had a lot of money but no name. However, I knew if I want to grow I had to be focussed,” confesses Esha.

Dealing with the lows
Esha has always managed to stay put in the industry — which can be extremely harsh to first generation actors — with her chin held high. “There’ve been days when I’ve wanted to give up. Despite being the strongest in the family, I’ve cried sometimes,” says Esha who has seen days when she had no money to pay her rent in Mumbai.

She has come a long way from there. “Today, I don’t give credit to anyone but my parents. I have made it on my own here. My dad is my hero. He told me do whatever you want: You can be a chef, or housewife, but when you look at yourself in the mirror — be proud of yourself. Don’t have any regrets. I’ve always stood by this,” she adds.

Her film Humshakals almost ruined the careers of all the actors in the film but Esha is unapologetic about her choice.

“It did give me a jolt and I didn’t get good films after that but then I waited for the right movie and Rustom happened. I am proud of this movie,” says the former Miss India International. As of now, she is reading a few scripts and will decide on her next soon.