Gender bias is an issue nobody addresses: Kareena Kapoor Khan

Kareena said it was a challenge to make her character of an ambitious young woman look real and believable.

Actress Kareena Kapoor Khan says the issue of gender bias is something, which has still not become a centre of discussion.

The 35-year-old actress will be seen in the upcoming film ‘Ki & Ka’, directed by R Balki. The film features Arjun Kapoor as progressive house-husband supporting his wife, enacted by Kareena, who is a career-oriented woman.

"It is a very different film because of the concept of gender bias. It's an issue that nobody addresses. There is a stay-at-home husband, there is a woman who wants to work," Kareena told PTI.

"Today anyways women are there in every field, they are leading the pack. They are definitely more independent than what they were 20 years ago," she said.

Kareena, who last worked in Salman Khan-starrer ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaa’, said it was a challenge to make her character of an ambitious young woman look real and believable.

"It's a very interesting role where I have tried to play a girl which will make the audience feel she is as normal as the viewer watching the film. When you play a character, your body type becomes like that. Whether you play a footballer, or boxer, your clothes and hair push you to do that.

"But here, to play a normal girl who works at a marketing agency and to make it really believable that she is ambitious, is I think a lot more difficult," she said.

The film may deal with unconventional issues, but when the script was offered to Kareena there was no apprehension at all as she agreed to it without listening the second-half.

"I signed it the minute I heard. When I heard the first-half of the film and it was interval, I told Balki sir don't tell me the second-half, I am on it," she said.

When asked if her actor-husband Saif Ali Khan has any similarities with the character of Arjun in the film, Kareena said, "Well, not really, because both of us are working in the same profession, so it makes it a lot more difficult. But I am sure Saif won't mind relaxing a bit more at home."

‘Ki & Ka’ releases on April 1.

( Source : PTI )
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