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I Want People to Appreciate My Work

Deccan Chronicle.| Lipika Varma

Published on: September 6, 2023 | Updated on: September 6, 2023

Here's Kareena Kapoor, who will make her OTT debut later this month, speaking with DC...

Kareena Kapoor. (Image: DC)

Kareena Kapoor. (Image: DC)

Kareena Kapoor will be making her OTT debut with Jaane Jaan, based on Keigo Hagashino’s bestselling novel The Devotion Suspect X, in which she will bring the character of Maya D’Souza to life. The exciting trailer screened for the media includes glimpses of life in Kalimpong, where the story is set.

What made you pick an OTT debut?

I had other offers, but I didn’t feel any script, till this one, was worthy of starting off on OTT with. This was a script that Sujoy wanted to make for Netflix. I just loved this script. I always wanted to do a thriller. So I was waiting for the perfect thriller story.

What is the big deal about working on OTT?

It’s different because you need to be more prepared. It’s watched up close, so it’s a different kind of performance. You need fabulous actors and great scripts. We as actors know that performance has to be good, it’s more important than anything else. I want people to watch my work and appreciate it.

What was it like, shooting at Kalimpong and Darjeeling?

Sujoy chose to shoot in these locations as the mood was right. It’s very important to shoot a thriller in suitable place. The climate was quite cold.

How do you rate Sujoy among the directors you have worked with?

He’s very good at his job. He pushes his artistes to do something different. He makes stories which require perfect performance from his actors. He emotionally drains them and brings out a side that is slightly more intense. This is the story of a mother and child done darkly and wonderfully.

Has your criteria for choosing films changed years?

One can’t do the same films again and again. I want to do different things, so I make a conscious effort to do a film with Hansal (Mehta) and one with Sujoy. I will keep doing commercial films. But there’s a side to me that wants to do different kinds of films.

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