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Kangana's affair with Hrithik only happened in her head, claims a friend

Published Apr 6, 2016, 3:04 pm IST
Updated Apr 6, 2016, 3:04 pm IST
Hrithik Roshan has been asked to withdraw his legal notice to Kangana Ranaut or face action.
 Hrithik Roshan has been asked to withdraw his legal notice to Kangana Ranaut or face action.

Mumbai: A day after it surfaced that Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut were not in the city of Paris in 2014, let alone the speculations of an engagement, recent reports reveal that Hrithik was never involved with Kangana.

While Hrithik has always maintained that he never had a relationship with the actress, Kangana said that the legal notice was a clumsy attempt to cover up their relationship.

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According to a report in DNA, one of Mumbai's top Police officers has revealed that Hrithik is less likely to be the culprit as Kangana's is reluctant to co-operate. The actress has refused to hand over her laptop to the cops saying her computer had a virus and everything got deleted.

A source close to the case was quoted as, "If Kangana is in the clear, why is she not giving her laptop to the cops? We have been asking her to do so. Why is she refusing to give her statement? If she has nothing to hide then why isn't she coming out in the open?" 

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The report further quoted the source informing that hundreds of mails from Kangana have been received on Hrithik's ID, but investigations have proved that not a single message or text has ever been sent by Hrithik in the past three years.

Talking about this, the source said, "For a very long time he kept getting emails from her. On some days, every six minutes from morning to night. This is not normal by any definition. Some emails were explicit and yet he ignored them. He was dealing with his own divorce at the time. He didn't want her reputation to be tarnished. This relationship happened only in her head. Hrithik would have still kept quiet. But when she began addressing him as her ex, he realised he had to do something."

He further questioned as to why Hrithik or Kangana were never spotted by the paparazzi spending time or outside each others' apartments, if they, in fact were dating.

In February, Hrithik sent a notice to Kangana asking her to hold a press conference for addressing him as a ‘silly ex’ and tender an apology. Kangana, in turn, had responded with a 21-page notice, charging Hrithik with intimidation and threat. Hrithik has been asked to withdraw his legal notice or face action.



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