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Shakun Batra opens up about Osho, doesn't accept or deny approaching Aamir Khan

Published Nov 5, 2018, 1:12 pm IST
Updated Nov 5, 2018, 1:12 pm IST
The director said the preaching of Rajneesh, who is popularly known among his followers as Osho, was "timeless".
Shakun Batra
 Shakun Batra

Mumbai: Director Shakun Batra, who is developing a story on the life of late spiritual leader Rajneesh, says it is a very ambitious project and it needs right people on board for it.

The director said the preaching of Rajneesh, who was popularly known among his followers as Osho, was "timeless" and he feels very attached to the project.


"It was always on back of my mind. It is a very ambitious project and it will need time and efforts and energy and right kind of infrastructure and people to fall in place," Shakun told PTI.

"For me it is a subject that is close to me. I hope whenever it happens, it happens at the right time. But whatever he spoke about, whatever he said, was timeless. It has to come up," he says.

The Kapoor and Sons director says he is aware about speculation in media regarding Osho.

He added, "I heard about him when I was 13 or 14 year old. He has become part of me in many ways. It is personal connect, spiritual connect that drives me on this journey. I like to wait on (project) that and make sure everything is in place before I speak about it more or comment on it."


Though there have been books and documentaries on Osho, Shakun says every story has a different interpretation of the spiritual leader.

"It is about your point of view that makes it different, its your own interpretation of the story that makes it interesting. Every project is challenging as that is what I look forward to," he adds.

About the film's cast, Shakun says, "There are lot of things happening and we have to wait for things to fall in place. Lot is happening but a lot still needs to happen also. I have to wait before I say anything."


The 35-year-old filmmaker believes the digital platform offers more creative opportunities.

"I admire these opportunities and I feel blessed to be born in an age where you can tell a story on different format. Every platform needs to be embraced. I don't think one needs to chose one over the other," Shakun adds.