Marriage is not about defined roles: R Balki

R. Balki on his latest movie Ki and Ka, views on marriage and why roles of couples need not be defined by society.

R. Balki is known to have made memorable sagas like Cheeni Kum, Paa and Shamitabh; the latest from his creativity is Ki and Ka, which seems totally different from all his previous flicks. Each Balki movie has some intrinsic element that women can easily relate with. The same is for Ki and Ka as well, he says. “Why should the roles of a couple be defined by society? It’s the husband who is the homemaker and wife, the bread-winner in this film,” he says.

Balki shares his thoughts on the institution of marriage: “Marriages, like most other things, are overrated. I first offer my condolences and then my congratulations to newly-weds. A woman once told me that 99 per cent of women marry because they want to look good on one day and feel conceited with the thought that no one else is prettier than them, and not because they want support or desire to belong from a man. Kids these days feel they will cuddle in a carpet happily ever after, but let me burst your bubble, marriage is not about that.”

Adding more about companionship, Balki quips, “It’s a lovely thing to have a companion, but let’s not take it too seriously. If you want to be together in a conservative society, you’ll have to get married, so fine. But why should the roles you have to take be defined by society?”

Balki brings forth a role reversal of husband and wife in Ki and Ka. Is it easier to be a homemaker or a career? “Being a homemaker, hands down. Having said this, let me clarify, I hate the words ‘house husband’ because they imply the woman is out of the house!”

“Being a homemaker, be it a man or woman is a lot tougher because there is no acknowledgement of your efforts. You tend to take the person for granted. It’s like doing a job without any appreciation and without an option of looking out for another job too.”

Revealing Arjun Kapoor’s reaction on playing this role, Balki says, “I met him with two love stories, one of them was this and he jumped at it. I asked him if he knows how to sweep and chop vegetables and other household chores; he didn't know a thing! But we both were convinced that it is his zero know-how and unconventional appearance that will make him work for this role. His build, his demeanour on screen — everything is so grand; you’d never associate him with as a home-maker.” And Kareena? “Kareena, on the other hand, was very happy that she didn’t have to sweep and cook and willingly said yes to the movie.”

Lastly, he feels that only a “few idiots” would say that he’s spoiling the Indian culture by showing a man working at home? “Because their voices may be louder doesn’t mean the entire country feels the same way. Culture does not say that a man cannot work at home or a woman cannot work outside. It is about two life partners who have to shoulder responsibilities.”

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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