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Not just 'mother' Aishwarya, SRK, Shahid, Abhishek also victims of bizarre claims

Published Jan 5, 2018, 12:21 am IST
Updated Jan 5, 2018, 12:42 pm IST
The year 2018 seems poised to be an interesting one already. (Photo: DC)
 The year 2018 seems poised to be an interesting one already. (Photo: DC)

The year 2018 seems poised to be an interesting one already. And we are not talking about Shah Rukh Khan’s teaser for upcoming film Zero or Kareena Kapoor’s sizzling photoshoot for a magazine cover. 
The year’s first day saw a man named Sangeeth Kumar from Hyderabad making crazy claims of being Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s first born! And if that is not funny enough, he claims he was born through IVF in London, when Aishwarya was all of 14. Sangeeth claims he was kept away from his ‘mother’ against his wishes by his relatives and has finally decided to make contact with her.
He’s not the only one to have made bizarre claims about a celebrity though. Here are more that will leave you speechless!

Shahid Kapoor’s Wife
In 2012, Shahid Kapoor decided he had enough after he was stalked endlessly by failed actress Vastavikta Pandit, who also happens to be legendary actor Raj Kumaar’s daughter. The lady had stalked Shahid for over nine months, even going to the media making claims that she was his wife. Shahid had to finally file an FIR to restrict Vastavikta from being anywhere around him. Right after she went missing and has managed to stay away from public eye ever since.
We are sure Mira Rajput would be glad.

Shah Rukh Khan’s Mother
Way back in the ’90s, just around the time when Shah Rukh Khan was establishing his credentials as the next superstar, cropped up news of a woman claiming to be his biological mother. The lady, Malanbai, initiated proceedings in a judicial magistrate court in Latur, Maharashtra seeking maintenance. Following this, the Ahmedpur court even served summons to SRK who responded with a petition in the Aurangabad court. The case is said to have gone on till last year when the court finally halted all proceedings.

Dhanush’s Parents
Actor Dhanush, also Rajinikanth’s son-in-law had some nervous moments when a couple from Melur in Tamil Nadu claimed that he was their long-lost son. Like in the case of SRK, this pair too went to court seeking maintenance.
In return, Dhanush not only refuted claims, but he also chose to go for a DNA test to clear the air. The Madurai court finally dismissed the case. 

Abhishek Bachchan’s Wife
As grand celebrations of Abhi-Ash’s wedding were at their peak, a little known struggling actress Jhanvi Kapoor claimed she was Abhishek’s first wife! She claimed to have known him since the time she worked as a background dancer in Dus, which is when they secretly got married. Things got dangerous when she slashed her wrists on camera. Bachchan however ignored her. Last heard, Jhanvi has taken to spirituality and turned away from showbiz.

Kangana Ranaut’s Boyfriend
Rewind to 2010, when actress Kangana Ranaut was stumped as someone called Akash Bhardwaj went beyond stalking her and actually started believing that they were in a relationship. He sent a series of passionate letters to the actress, all couriered to her address. He was promptly arrested.



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