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Nepotism exists in every profession, even in Army: Vivaan Shah

Published Apr 4, 2017, 12:25 pm IST
Updated Apr 4, 2017, 1:34 pm IST
In an exclusive interview, Shah talks about his latest release ‘Laali…’, his parents’ influence on him and nepotism in Bollywood.
Vivaan Shah
 Vivaan Shah

Mumbai: Vivaan Shah may be just four films old, with his last film ‘Bombay Velvet’ bombing miserably at the box office, but that does not mean that flops can bring down his confidence and positive outlook towards life. The young actor firmly believes in hard work and is undeterred by failures.

Brought up by a mom with ideologies Vivaan likes to call ‘Gandhian’, he plays the character of a dishonest lad in his upcoming release ‘Laali Ki Shaadi Mein Laaddoo Deewana’. Ask him how a virtuous person like him agreed to essaying the character of a cheat; he breaks into a hysterical laughter. “This is a reel character; it was indeed very complicated character as well challenging, interesting and at the same time very enduring. However, in the end such characters surely turn out to be positive .Hence I chose to portray such a character on reel. We are taught to follow the path of honesty as kids in school and also at home especially our moms would teach us all those accurate principles of leading a truthful and a hard working life,” justifies Shah.


So did love blossom between Akshara Haasan (female lead) and him on the sets, as most reports suggest it did, and Vivaan jumps to his defence saying they have been friends since their tender years. “No, we are childhood friends. There is no coo chi cooing kind of relationship between us at all .I have been friends with Akshara since we were kids so you know we share a very cordial relationship,” says Vivaan matter-of-factly.

Vivaan, who is the son of veteran actors Naseeruddin Shah and Ratna Pathak, holds his parents in high regard and follows their path of life. “My mother has a very great idealogy; I consider her valuable principles that she has taught me especially treading on the path of honesty, working hard irrespective of the results. She has inculcated a very simple and valuable ethical ideology into us all children .In short her philosophy of life are just rightly the Gandhian philosophies’.. I too try to follow those without an iota of doubt. For example my mom keeps advising me not to break the signal at any point in time; no matter there may be many vehicle drivers who may be breaking through the signals in your presence .But this does not mean you follow their wrong norms and ways of breaking the signals. You need to abide by the rules and regulations be it for small or even big reasons. Success comes to anyone only if he is really truthful in his own eyes and tried to avoid all the wrong doings. We need to be legally abiding citizens and I follow her blindly.”


As far as father Naseeruddin Shah is concerned, Shah Jr wants to imbibe his mannerisms and learn the tricks of the acting trade. “Oh! From Dad I have inherited his style which seems to be very unique. His mannerisms which are simple yet so very appealing, which he simply adds to his characters as well. I am learning the craft from him even today the variations that he presents in  every character of his   seems so very happening not only to me to all his fans as well. I am learning it from the theatres works of dad as well. His sense of scripting and music is also something which I have taken from him. However, music my brother Imaad Shah is more inclined towards it. I just preferably have the hang of music. Most importantly, I inherit the understanding of Arts.”


A young actor like Vivaan knows the importance of balancing the scales and indulges in reading, writing and some soulful music when he is not in front of the camera. “I do have an ear for music I do play piano as well. But I love to read and write. I am writing a script as well. If all goes well the next film which I will like to act will be this script written by me. I also love sports, I have won gold medal for boxing. Right now I am training on voice modulation for my next film ... I just cannot elaborate on this script .Let the right time come I will surely announce it.”


However, the actor is keen on focusing on his career at the moment and wishes to keep romance at bay. “(laughs)…these days we youngsters are really aware of the fact that this is our time and we need to be focused professionally. A little miss and we might lose on it. I am so focused that I hardly get any time for romance. Right now is not the time for romance. I need to concentrate on my work. I have completed my script as well so I am romancing with my writing right now.”

The simple guy that he is, Vivaan Shah would like to opt for a plain court marriage sans the ‘halla gulla’. “In real I will prefer a simple marriage. I do not believe in showsha...Halla gulla wedding, obviously ---preferably will not be my choice. I will prefer a secular marriage. It will also depend on the girl if she is a Muslim or a Hindu what kind of marriage she would prefer. Yes but I will go in for a quiet …..Simple court marriage and it has to be a secular marriage. I am not in for a religious wedding though...No Maulana ...Priest or a Pundit,” said the ‘7 Khoon Maaf’ actor.


A star kid himself, Vivaan sees nothing wrong in the existence of nepotism in Bollywood and insists that it is a universal phenomenon. Talking about the ongoing debate, Vivaan said, “Where does Nepotism not exist?? It exists in every profession, even in Army. Well!! Yes, it becomes a little easy for the kids from the film fraternity to be able to break through as all know their back ground. But our industry needs to be more welcoming to outsiders as well. Talent needs to excel and not suppressed. However, we need not make a big issue about it though.”


The 27-year-old actor, who has worked with superstar Shah Rukh Khan in ‘Happy New Year’, is eager to team up with the Badshaah of Bollywood for a second innings. “Oh yes I am wishing to be working with Shahrukh khan again. Who would not wish to be working with him? He is really a humble and a grounded actor. He would be caring for all his actors and would make them comfortable first. Having achieved these heights yet being so grounded and humble is something which attracts all of us. I do believe in luck as it plays a vital role in our personal /professional growth and shaping up. So all I can do is waiting impatiently to be able to get another chance to work with SRK,” concludes Vivaan.