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Exclusive: I know I didn’t get the success that Aamir got, admits Faisal Khan

Published Jan 4, 2017, 1:09 pm IST
Updated Jan 4, 2017, 1:10 pm IST
Faisal Khan spoke at length about his upcoming releases, brother Aamir and 'Dangal'.
Faisal Khan had made his debut in Dharmesh Darshan 2000 film 'Mela,' alongside Aamir Khan.
 Faisal Khan had made his debut in Dharmesh Darshan 2000 film 'Mela,' alongside Aamir Khan.

While his elder brother Aamir Khan has conquered the film industry, the younger one Faisal Khan is yet, to make a mark. The endearing actor Faisal however, is cheerful for his brother’s stardom and believes not everyone can be Aamir Khan.

In a candid confession Faisal further, reveals no big banners are approaching him as he is not a saleable actor, but it’s his undying passion for films that keeps him going.


Q. What prompted you to sign a film like 'Danger'?

A. When the director narrated me the script I just fell in love with the story line. I loved the character so much that I just wanted to do the film at any cost. I saw the potential in this script to click at the box office. It’s a total commercial film with the elements of thrill in it.

Q. How important is it to be commercially successful for an actor in Bollywood?

A. As an actor the world would not consider commercial success as a bench mark but eventually its all about selling. I am a product and I have to sell myself. How long will I last also matters, so ultimately, it’s a business. I feel commercial aspect also counts, but I would not do a film only for the commercial value. Even if it’s an offbeat film I will take it up.


Q. How did you like your brothers film 'Dangal'?

A. I loved Dangal it’s a mind blowing film and I was slightly scared initially because when I heard the script I got to know that Aamir is not going to do any fights and it's his daughters who are going to do the fights so I was a little apprehensive, but when I saw the film I thought they have pulled it off really well.

Q. How is your equation with your brother Aamir Khan who is so successful?

A. The bonding is great and luckily for me as a human being I have a reality check about myself. I know I didn’t get the success that my brother got but I have very simple needs, which I cater to.