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The secret behind their gorgeous look is make-up

Published Aug 4, 2021, 12:09 am IST
Updated Aug 4, 2021, 12:09 am IST
Filmstars always look gorgeous, fully made-up with hours put behind it. But when without makeup, they look good no doubt, but not special
Ileana D’Cruz, shared a ‘no make-up, no filter’ selfie from her post-workout session
 Ileana D’Cruz, shared a ‘no make-up, no filter’ selfie from her post-workout session

Recently, actress Madhuri Dixit posted a photo on Instagram, all set for her make-up to be done, probably for a shooting. She looked  plain, like any other person of her age.
Even actress Ileana D’Cruz, shared a ‘no make-up, no filter’ selfie from her post-workout session and wrote about embracing her true self, “This is me,” she captioned the photo. “No sparkly beauty blurry filter. No make-up, no bs. Post-workout — Sweaty and kinda gross but also so proud of the limits I can push my body to. Learning to celebrate and respect every bit of me.”
Point here is, celebrities look dramatically different — gorgeous — only after applying make-up. Otherwise, they are as normal looking as anyone else, with good complexion. American singer Demi Lovato shared a make-up free look on Instagram, looking normal. “Haven’t done a #NoMakeupMonday in yearssss but I figured after posting so many glamorous pics with tons of makeup and hair pieces, it’s important to show myself underneath it all. This is what I look like 85%-90% of the time. Proud of my freckles, proud of booty chin and proud of myself for loving and accepting myself the way I am. #ILoveMe,” wrote Demi.
Among the Indian celebs, be it Anushka Sharma, Alia Bhatt, Katrina Kaif or Sara Ali Khan or anyone else, they are all dolled up for public appearances.

Make-up artist, very important


The relationship between a celebrity and make-up is crucial. Make-up artistes often become the people celebs trust most, shares Gazal Surana, make-up expert. “The celebrity-beautifying ritual is honestly quite fascinating. The time that it takes depends on how much time they have on their hands. Hair and make-up generally happen together and could take anywhere between 15 minutes to 2 hours,” she reveals. Make-up sessions start off with skin prep, followed by the base and eyes interchangeably. The look also depends on what the event or role demands, but most celebrities love fresh skin and pillowy lips. “A minimal make-up look that celebs carry off can be achieved by using a tinted moisturiser for base or a light coverage foundation along with concealer on problematic areas. For eyes, warm tones work very well to create that depth. For the lips, pick a colour that’s closest to the natural colour of your lips — and tada!” says Gazal.
Make-up expert Sandy feels cosmetics should be used to enhance facial features. When you wear too much of it, cracks on the make-up surface are inevitable. “Make-up is a personal choice and it is important to have fun with it and be creative,” Sandy shares.
Aashmeen Munjaal, another make-up artiste, stresses the importance of looking presentable always. “With so many cameras following everyone around, celebs have to look presentable all the time. Not only actresses but people from different professions need to put their best foot forward and that includes make-up, clothes, shoes etc.” she says, adding, “The first step to a gorgeous look is to have a healthy glowing skin. A cleansing-toning-moisturizing routine is required for this. Exfoliation is important too, and one can even use ingredients available in the kitchen to do it.” She also stresses the need for skin protection creams and a BB cream or primer to achieve an even skin tone.  “For those with dry skin, we use a Turkish towel message before we apply any make-up. Malaika Arora follows this routine along with a circular message with Vaseline for an instant glowing skin,” she shares.


It’s a long procedure

For celebrity make-up artiste Clint Fernandes, there is no celeb look without make-up. “There’s nothing called a ‘no make-up look’. All the celebs posting such photos on their social media accounts have used moisturiser, primer and concealer for the so-called no make-up look. Every celeb needs to use make-up after they are 20 years of age to look presentable,” he concludes.

The art behind the glamourous look

We start with a moisturizer and primer which helps to smooth pores and stops the makeup from cracking. Then foundation and concealer are applied, and sealed with translucent powder. Contouring follows, which adds dimension to those parts of the face to be highlighted. Then a blush is applied, which helps the skin look lively and fresh. Once the base make-up is done, it is time for eye and lip make-up depending on the occasion. Shaping the eyebrows is integral, as it gives a face softer or harder look. A highlighter adds glow to the cheekbones. We end the session with setting spray to keep the make-up in place.


— Clint Fernandes, Celebrity make-up artiste