Rithvik Dhanjani\'s had enough of erotica

Rithvik Dhanjani says he’s ashamed for having done a role in erotica genre, XXX

After making his debut in a television show Pavitra Ristha, Rithvik Dhanjani’s fame has only soared after he appeared in an erotica show, XXX, which was earlier a film from the stables of AltBalaji. The young actor will be soon seen in Cartel, another AltBalaji production.

Just as we mouth our thoughts on his being Ekta Kapoor’s new favourite, he jumps in to reply, “It’s nothing like that. For me, it may be AltBalaji or Balaji Telefilms, for it is all just Ekta Kapoor. She is one woman with a magnanimous mind and loads of creativity in her head of which we have no idea.”

That blessed feeling

Rithvik states that he is grateful to God to be working in times like these. “I have to thank Ekta ma’am because she’s been like my godmother. I have also been extremely amazed that I’d come to Mumbai with my dreams and today I’m living that dream.” Then reminiscing how Pavitra Rishta has completed 8 years, Rithvik wonders how even today Arjun and Purvi, the main characters of the series, are remembered.

The erotic equation

We then ask him of his jump from Pavitra Rishta to XXX. Now, he’s even been roped into the crime drama Cartel. What are the essential differences he sees in these two, we ask.

“Both roles are poles apart,” he responds. “XXX was supposed to be made by Ken Ghosh. Later, it became a web series given the pandemic times. While XXX was a funny story, the series being an erotica was very much out of my comfort zone. I’d never done anything of that sort before, which made it a huge challenge for me. But it was a Ken’s film after all, with great creatives involved, so I gave it a try.”

Now that he’s worked in an erotica drama, would he choose to do it again? “I am not cut out for it. I feel embarrassed when I look back and watch my work in it. I’ve shown people once that I can do this also but now I can’t do it again. I feel ashamed of having done that erotica,” Rithvik says.

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