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Aayush Sharma has his fingers crossed

Published Aug 3, 2018, 2:39 am IST
Updated Aug 3, 2018, 2:39 am IST
The actor, who will make his debut with Loveratri, opens up about the Khan family, his affinity towards acting and his Hyderabad connection.
Aayush Sharma
 Aayush Sharma

Aayush Sharma’s moment has arrived. Four years after becoming a part of the Khan family, the actor has found the perfect launchpad with Loveratri, a film being produced by his very own brother-in-law Salman Khan.

Hailing from a prominent political family, Aayush didn’t have a connection to the movie world before marriage. “I was a movie buff, so once in a while, I would think I should become an actor. But it was a naive thought. Some family members also told me that I should consider movies, but I never took the conversation forward ,” he says.


The turning point was when Salman himself asked Aayush to consider acting. “He must have seen something in me. I then started training hard for a couple of hours every day. Slowly, I started liking it,” he says, adding, “I trained for close to 13 hours daily, for four years. The training included gymnastics, action, acting, diction, dance and flexibility classes.”

Aayush is aware of how privileged he is. “I am very lucky to have him (Salman). I am getting this kind of an attention because of him. I understand the pressure. But it is also a privilege. A lot of debutants don’t get the kind of attention that Loveratri is getting. I hope the film does well, people see my work in it and accept me as an actor as I go on to create an identity of my own,” he says.


Talking about why he chose to make his debut with this movie, Aayush says, “I really liked the idea of Loveratri. It is a very honest film but at the same time it has all the elements of a commercial film. I was expecting the teaser to do okay but people loved it. There were a lot of misconceptions about the movie, which got cleared after the teaser released.”

Aayush credits his wife Arpita for supporting him on this journey. “Arpita is a fantastic support system. She knows about the kind of hard work that goes into becoming an actor. She is very understanding and would ask me to keep working hard,” he explains and adds that his son is his stress buster.


Aayush is currently in Hyderabad, starting the first leg of Loveratri’s promotions and is glad to be doing it from the very place where he got married. “Hyderabad holds a special place for us (Arpita and him) so coming back here is special. Also, Hyderabad is a very important market for us,” he adds.

Aayush adds that he may not follow in the footsteps of his father and grandfather. “I have grown up watching my father and grandfather, who are public servants. I am not inclined towards politics. You need to be ready to serve the people as a politician and I don’t think that I am ready or even qualified. Maybe in the future. But right now I am only inclined towards acting,” Aayush concludes.