'Missing' actress Tabu plans to pen down a short film based on her random thoughts

Published Apr 3, 2018, 3:18 pm IST
Updated Apr 4, 2018, 11:52 am IST
Tabu will be next seen in the suspense thriller ‘Missing’ alongside Manoj Bajpayee.

Mumbai: In the exclusive interview, Tabu speaks about her latest film 'Missing', films in general, and more. Excerpts:

‘Missing’ is releasing after hiatus of few years, about the delay of the film Tabu says, "It has taken sometime for the film, but shooting for the film in Mauritius far from the maddening crowd was indeed a wonderful trip. We shot in the same resort where we were living so we would get our makeup and hairs do and just reach to the locations which was just another room. We completed the shoot in just 20 days, we experienced an exciting journey through this film indeed”


About her role in ‘Missing’ she says, "Well! Since this flick is a thriller, I do not know how much I can reveal. However, our experience with every film is different. But yes Manoj’s character is outstanding, interesting and difficult as well.”

All gaga over Mauratius, Tabu says,” Mauritius being a foreign land I have close connection with this Country owing to have shot a few films earlier too. This Country has an ultra modern look but with a unique pattern. The place looks so serene and peaceful. People belonging to this Country are really cool and of helping nature. I noticed something different –here they have just two channels…so that to makes us feel so very cool. We are away from all the negativity. So in this way we all enjoyed the peaceful environment of the place.


Not many know that director Mukul and Tabu were from the same college - St Xavier’s College, speaking on that the ‘Maqbool’ actress says,” Yes…we belonged to the same college. As you say …[Tabu would go with her friend Sameena who featured as his heroine in the plays Mukul directed.] But I have not met him. Merely, after two years of my college here I was a drop out, since I got this film 'Prem' I had to attend the shooting.."

Being different in choosing roles Tabu says, “Inshahallaha, roles that I wanted fell in my kitty. Also I chose to do films with good people. It feels great when you work for good films, portraying good roles. Recently having worked in,”Golmaal” with Rohit and the entire crew members I did experience fun and frolic alongside working seriously for the film.”


About the experiences that Tabu has gathered over the years she quips, “Today being in this stage, having hoarded loads of good and bad experiences – I am enjoying this stint. I have come to know how to deal with different situations while we experience tensions. Film industry is my base. Whether you are actively working or at times you are not doing anything, you feel good being here especially.”

Talking about the Women in films, she says, “In those days women did not work in every sphere of film making. Times have changed Women are getting privileges’ and importance in handling Cinema in different departments. Women centric films too are being made and roles for women of different ages are being written. So we are experiencing good times in film making arena.”


Adding more about her working spree she says, “I was though open to all important roles. I always chose roles with conviction. I never feared anything…infact I felt that this particular role would work for me. I did not go wrong in my decisions.. That is true those roles came to me. Unhesitatingly, I would say destiny and luck has played a Vitol role in granting me the characters I wanted to perform. I would thank the almighty God, my audiences… and all the positive energies around me that enabled me to do roles I am known for.”


Talking about her fans Tabu says, "I will try to keep up to their expectations. Undeniably, this is like a pressure to me. But I will try to maintain the standards of the characters that my fans always wish to watch me in. I will always choose good work.”

On not being a Social Media Savvy, she says, "I am just posting my photos on my Instagram. I do not like to be vocal on other social media. Also if once you get addicted to it then it becomes difficult for you to quit it. I always want some leisure time for me . Having said that if many people are happy posting each and everything things that happens to them on a daily basis, I believe they enjoy it and so it’s their choice."


During leisure time Tabu is busy writing, "Yes, whatever random thoughts and observations comes to my mind whenever I am in that writing zone I immediately take a pen and a paper and jot it down. Maybe, I may assimilate all these penning into a short film. Kahani likhna chahti hoon main [I want to write story] Short films are being made these days and people love them.”

Lastly talking about her future films, if something interesting stuff comes up on par with someone’s biopic Tabu is open to be a part of any such biopic. She is not keen on anything in particular though.


Tabu will be seen in Shriram Raghvan’s film and is also excited to be working with director Luv Ranjan who has given hits one after the other,”Yes, Luv Ranjan is a good writer too and thus his films do well at the box office.