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I always had Tabu and Manoj in mind, says 'Missing' director Mukul Abhyankar

Published Apr 3, 2018, 4:47 pm IST
Updated Apr 4, 2018, 4:24 pm IST
In the exclusive interview, Mukul Abhyankar speaks about his upcoming film 'Missing', his Bollywood journey and more.
Tabu and Manoj Bajpayee duing 'Missing' promotions. (Photo: Deccan Chronicle)
 Tabu and Manoj Bajpayee duing 'Missing' promotions. (Photo: Deccan Chronicle)

Mumbai: Director Mukul Abhyankar is happy to release his film “Missing” this Friday. The film stars biggies like Tabu and Manoj Bajpayee. In the exclusive interview, Mukul speaks about his film, his Bollywood journey and more. Excerpts:

On starting his journey so late in Bolywood, Mukul says, "I wanted all the actors in one go. Also it was difficult to get the actors on board .Also we wanted to shoot n Mauritius. I wanted Cameraman Sudeep Chatterji who shot our film in between Padmavat and Bajirao. So whatever time he was available with we had to go by that. Infact Cinematographer Sudeep started his career with me we together have done a lot of television stuff.


Mukul had signed Shri Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor long back but, due to unavoidable circumstances the film could not go on floors. Mukul feels it’s all destiny that plays an important role in the life of any individual, he says, ”I have come to terms having seen my journey which brought loads of surprises to me. I may have tried to do something but I went on to do something else Thus I can say destiny plays a vital role in the life of every individual. I have two more films ready but those films happen to be a small budget films therefore I decided to go with, "Missing” Neeraj  Pandey is the creative director of this film.


About doing that same film with Amitabh Bachchan, he says,” However, I would love to direct Amitji and Rishiji ….However doing the same script with Amitji and Rishiji will not be justified because of the age differences. Those times were different they were much young …Amitji was playing roles of fifties and Rishi was also approaching his fifites.I will revive it …it was called,” Dogs “ It was an unusual story about four dogs and a dog trainer … I had great music director A.R. Rahman .It had a very big set up . But many corporate companies having agreed to produce the film backed out the last minute. In those days things were different..”


Is Mukul feeling sad about not making up with both these Icon actors Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor who will be soon seen in 102 not out? No …I am not feeling sad. Indeed it’s a great combination. I am sure the film will do wonders.
About his past Mukul unhesitatingly says,” I had a huge setback in the past my films were announced and did not go on floors thus I was known in the filmy arena. Thankfully, in spite of that people knew me as a serious film maker.

Surprisingly it wasn’t difficult roping in a big star like Tabu for ‘Missing’, speaking about that he says,” Actually after hearing the script people would love it. I always had Tabu and Manoj in mind. Tabu and I have studied in the same college [St. Xavier’s College]…Tabu and me know each other directly or indirectly.. Tabu would come and sit with her friend Sameena who regularly featred as the heroine of my plays. However, Tabu was a quiet girl. We knew her as Farah’s sister….Very soon Tabu got a film in South and left for her shooting. When we met this time however, I had to remind Tabu about those College days because we never had spoken directly. Tabu did recollect when I referred to her friend Sameena. Tabu did not work with e during those College days though.
Praising Tabu, Manoj and Anu Kapoor he says,” Had the shoot been here in India then we could have had another different schedule. But shooting in Mauratius we could not afford go again .We had 7 to 7 shift my actors would be ready with makeup and hair they are that professional. It was indeed great working with all of them.”


Last but not the least Mukul narrates the hook line of ‘Missing’, he says, "the thrill is maintained from the word go. Actually it is at a late night Tabu [wife] and Manoj Bajpayee [husband] go into a resort which has a tight security. Their daughter is running high temperature. But in between while Tabu goes off to sleep and wakes up in the wee hour’s morning she finds her missing…..Also Mauratius is crimes free Country. So we wanted to shoot this film there. I would not say - Mauritius Police is 'Nikaami' [Useless] But owing to a free crime Country they have no work And in Missing they start going on their toes."


Before concluding Mukul tries to ignite thrill into us, he says, ”You will have to wait and watch who the third woman in the life of Tabu is and Manoj…….She too is a known actress.”