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I'm scared to watch my own films: Prabhas

Deccan Chronicle.| Sanskriti Ramachandran

Published on: March 3, 2022 | Updated on: March 3, 2022

Prabhas opens up on his journey in the film industry. He's no longer the media shy actor or a social recluse. He's quite the fun guy on set



Prabhas’ Radhe Shyam is expected to be released soon. The film directed by Radha Krishna also stars Pooja Hegde. After the super success of Baahubali, the bar is raised very high for Prabhas. Is he nervous?

Excerpts from an interview:

After the Baahubali series, are you under pressure to do big films and give big hits?

It’s certainly a responsibility. Fans love you and you do not want to fail them. So, the pressure is there. Doing a commercial film is easier for me than doing a love story like Radhe Shyam. Of course, it has all the essential commercial ingredients. But then some people liked Saaho and some didn’t. Honestly, producers and directors are happier to do hardcore commercial films with me. I don’t know why I take such risks, tension and pressure on myself. We were planning not to make Radhe Shyam big. But it happened. Salaar and Adipurush are also big. Project K is very big. Now I want to do a comedy.

Why are you a reclusive?

I am a shy guy. I didn’t even tell my friends that I wanted to be an actor. It happened —and suddenly there are so many people from the media asking questions. Till Baahubali I was not comfortable in front of the press. Suddenly Rajamouli put me in front of 40 people and I was in shock. But he said, "We made a good film, so don’t worry!" I said, ‘it is not about what you and I feel. How will Bollywood feel about a Telugu film guy coming with a Hindi film?’ But after Part 2, the stress went away.

Do you switch off your phone before the release of your films?

Yes, I do. Before the release of every film, I consider staying back in Hyderabad and watching it. But I can’t. I tried it with the first part of Rebel after the director told me that we had made a great film. I was on the way to see it, and then I felt, ‘why should I get a heart attack before the film releases?’ And so I didn’t watch it. I am scared to watch my films.

But you are pretty grounded.

I am like that! When you have people like Chiranjeevi Sir and Rajini Sir setting examples, who am I? Rajinikanth Sir sits on the road and has tea!

You say you are shy, but you play pranks on people and also talk a lot!

I love to talk but I don’t open up quickly. Even Deepika Padukone asked me during Project K whether I talk a lot or I am shy. I start talking once I am comfortable. And yes, I love to irritate people as long as they find it funny. It gives me a lot of positive energy. My friends tell me that I am like a kid.

You don’t talk box office numbers or share them. Why?

I don’t believe in that kind of promotions. I think it is very temporary. I am not good at social media. I can hardly say what I feel. I keep wondering, ‘Oh shit! What is the next question going to be from the media?’ I am shy, but then I am different on the set. I play, jump and laugh. I can’t control my laughter.

How did the word Darling become synonymous with Prabhas?

I used to call Puri Jagannadh ‘Darling’ as I didn’t like the word ‘Sir’. Then he started calling me Darling! My other directors too started calling me that, and I say the same to my villains too. Some people like it some don’t. Maybe they find it too gay. But Darling is a positive word and I don’t call everyone that.  My fans love it and want me to say the word for them as well.

You are the only actor to surpass the Rs 500 crore mark in Hindi with Baahubali 2 isn’t it?

Yes, at present. (laughs)

Do you think Radhe Shyam can beat that?

That is too big. If that happens, I will be in shock. Honestly, if Radhe Shyam is a hit I will be more than happy.

You play a palmist in Radhe Shyam. Ever got your hand read?
No. I never get it read. I used to do it long ago for fun, but not seriously. I never believed in destiny or fate.

You were not comfortable kissing on screen earlier?
I was not keen earlier about bare body shots either. Rajamouli asked me to take off my shirt on the beach with hundreds of people watching, and I wanted to do that shot indoors. But now it is OK. When you do a romantic film, kissing and such things go with that

Tell us about Radhe Shyam.
The film is very interesting set it in vintage Europe. We had two options — to shoot in India or abroad, and so we decided to pick Europe. It is a tale of destiny and love. My character Vikramaditya is a bit complicated. There are a lot of twists and turns and special effects too. There is a ship scene and you will see a vintage Europe which has never been seen before in Indian films.

How was it shooting with Amitabh Bachchan for Project K?

We shot for 10  days and we did an action scene. On the first day I was very scared and didn’t want to give a shot with him. On the second day I told the director to give me only one shot because I felt that I would forget something and Amitabh would get angry. But once I did the shot, I felt, Yes, my dream has come true! And then he hugged me. I didn’t expect someone nearing 80 to give me such a strong hug! I felt so much energy and people like me feed off those energies. He even agreed to do a voice over for Radhe Shyam. The film starts with his voice

Earlier you did 3 films in seven years. Now you have so many films in hand!

Yes, I realise that I lost big money by not doing more films (laughs). But seriously, I am doing a lot of work now, with Radhe Shyam, Salaar, Adipurush and Project K.

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