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Jalebi couple Rhea Chakraborthy and Varun Mitra indulge in a fun chat with Ent DC

Published Oct 2, 2018, 3:54 pm IST
Updated Oct 2, 2018, 3:54 pm IST
Rhea Chakraborthy and Varun Mitra are all set to bring their adoring yet twisted love story with Jalebi.
Varun Mitra and Rhea Chakraborty in the still from Jalebi trailer. (YouTube/ Vishesh Films)
 Varun Mitra and Rhea Chakraborty in the still from Jalebi trailer. (YouTube/ Vishesh Films)

Rhea Chakraborthy and Varun Mitra are all set to bring their adoring yet twisted love story as Jalebi releases on 12th October.

But before the release, the two got candid in a sweet yet a little complex chat with Deccan Chronicle. Here are excerpts from the fun conversation:


What is as complicated yet sweet as jalebi for you in your life?

Rhea: Relationships, love, boys.

Varun: Women.

Except for the marriage aspect, have you been in a situation like your character in real life?

R: I was once stuck in an elevator with an ex. I wasn’t meeting him after 7 years, but those 6 minutes were a bit awkward.

V: I was asked out by a girl in college.

Rhea, are you as crazy and spontaneous as your character in real life?

V: More (laughs)

R: Yeah I am little mad. I do weird shit. I run across the road, never crossing it.


Varun, so can you imagine that Rhea would be asking her boyfriend to marry her in the middle of the road?

Yeah totally! But no, she will wait for the boy to do it. She could totally do it, but in case of a boy-girl situation, she would make the boy beg to marry her! She would make him value the relationship.

How much are you like your character?

Well Rhea seems to think we’re similar but I’m not that dramatic and poetic, but there are similarities. We’re both from Delhi and nice, genuine people, is what she says. Like him, I too cannot do something my heart isn’t permitting me to do. I can’t go any other way than be honest which gets me into trouble a lot of times. I don’t think before talking.


You said he’s dramatic and poetic, so can we say he’s like the Majnu from Laila Majnu?

No, not dramatic like that. My character becomes dramatic when he’s talking about where he comes from on a tour with people. He’s just very proud of his roots.

What made you say yes to the story?

R: The definition of love that was in the story, narration, relatability of characters – the fact that they’re relatable and yet their thoughts are so evolved. The definition of love was so differently written in the script that I was just too excited to do the film. And of course the fact that Vishesh Films is producing it and Mahesh Bhatt was on the film and they had some amazing music.


V: For me it was different in the sense that they chose me more than I chose them. They thought I was able to do justice to the character. It was a great role to be chosen for and I would say it’s an envious debut for the range that my character has to portray. I don’t think I could’ve asked for a better platform and guidance than the Bhatts.

Was working with Vishesh Films on your list?

R: 100%! I was dying to work with them. We almost did a few films together and I was very happy. I always thought I had a connection with Mukesh sir and we should do something. Jalebi is the movie!


V: When I came to Mumbai, I wanted to work with all the banners – Vishesh Films, Dharma, Yash Raj. Hopefully I will get to complete that list in the coming years.

Have you approached anyone yet?

No, not right now. I’m just waiting for the film to release at the moment.

If not an actor, who would you be?

R: As a kid I first wanted to be a mermaid. Then I wanted to be an astronaut. Then I was studying to be an engineer but I think nothing else than an actor now.

V: I would be a travel show host. Acting was always the ultimate goal. I was really passionate about travel hence that happened.