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There is a vacuum in suspense and thriller films in B'wood: Flat 211's director Sunil

Published Jun 2, 2017, 3:37 pm IST
Updated Jun 2, 2017, 4:09 pm IST
Sunil Sanjan
 Sunil Sanjan

Mumbai: Dubai based IT professional Sunil Sanjan, marks his directorial debut with Flat 211 is a thriller. In a conversation with Deccan Chronicle, he talks about choosing this genre, casting new faces, challenges of releasing his film and much more. Excerpts:

How did the idea of Flat 211 come to you?

The idea was that every flat has a story. I have been living in flat for over fifteen years. When you live in a flat, you experience a lot of things. I wanted to make a film out of those experiences. I was working in an IT firm. I made this film I was working there. Foremost I wanted a concept which is as per my limitations and budget. I had to work 9 to 6pm and then I used to work on my film from 7 to 3am. I thought what I can write along with my job and travelling. We tried to fictionised the experiments of sharing a flat. If you will see the film, the title only suggests everything.

Why you chose thriller for your directorial debut?

If I will ask that which is the last thriller film you watched, you will take your own sweet time to think. I feel there is a vacuum in suspense and thriller films in Bollywood. So this was a whole bit of research that germinated the idea of making a thriller

Are you nervous about your debut?

I am really nervous about it but excited too. I am very blessed that despite being my debut film, my finances are sorted. I don’t have to pay any loans and I am not answerable to anyone. I am the solo producer of the film hence there are not much anxiety.

How did you cast for your film?

Except for female lead, rest of my star cast is from television and stage. The male lead has just done Colors 24 alongside Anil Kapoor and he is an amazing actor. Most of my actors are from Dubai where I was working. In fact, my whole team was working and also living the passion. This was my major reason to cast the whole new team.

How did you manage to distribute the film?

I went to a lot of people but surprisingly people asked me some shocking things. I never expected that. Then I got in touch with my friends who were working with UFO and they were in the process of distributing Sachin movie. So this friend of mine helped me in the distribution on a personal level. My plans were never to release my film in 1000 screens or so. I am aiming around 300 screens.



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