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Manikarnika row: Krish doesn't get much support

Deccan Chronicle| Suresh Kavirayini

Published on: February 1, 2019 | Updated on: February 2, 2019

Meanwhile, Krish's stand in this entire controversy leaves a lot to be desired.



Mumbai: Controversy continues to rage over Manikarnika with Krish arguing that he completed 70 percent of the film while Kangana Ranaut only did the remaining part. And while he may have completed most of the film, it is a fact that Kangana was left with the arduous task of finishing the shoot followed by post-production work and promotions.

"Normally, it’s very challenging to play a lead actor and direct a period drama. The actor usually focuses on looking her part and giving her best performance while the director helms the film."

It would have been very tough for Kangana to concentrate on both the roles," feels Nandini Reddy, one of the most sensible woman directors in Telugu cinema today.

Meanwhile, Krish’s stand in this entire controversy leaves a lot to be desired. Even amidst swirling reports of differences between Kangana and him during the film’s production, he maintained that all was well between them. Similarly, for a project he referred to as his ‘baby’, he left midway to direct another film instead of completing the task on hand. And finally, post the film’s release, he is openly badmouthing Kangana.

Director Sanjana Reddy also empathises with the actress.

"I heard that they roped in some other person to finish the job, but after he refused to take over, the mantle fell on Kangana, which would indeed have been a difficult task. When some portion of the film is already shot, one has to continue in the same vein, which is not easy," feels Sanjana, adding that once you commit to direct a film, you must take it to its completion.

"She is a rebel and has strong willpower, so she was able to finish it. Not only did Kangana have to handle the technical and support staff, she also had to say ‘action’ and ‘cut’ which is very tough," says Sanjana. Even though Kangana had no previous experience as a director, she took on the role because it was a once-in-a-lifetime project for her. "Kangana is already an established actress. However, as a director, she had to command the entire team, mostly brought on board by Krish. In this film, not only was she the ‘hero’ but she also had to steer the project. It’s a massive challenge," adds Nandini.

Director Ashok, who made woman-centric film Bhaagmathie with Anushka Shetty also finds fault with Krish for abandoning the project midway. "Once you leave the project, it’s not fair to talk about the same," feels Ashok, who gives complete credit to Kangana.

"Whether she directed 30 percent or 20 percent, she was able to match up to Krish’s earlier contribution. It’s not easy to direct hundreds of artistes and act at the same time. Full credit to Kangana who did an extraordinary job," he says.

Praising Kangana’s performance in the film, Nandini Reddy says, "The film could have been better if some of the characters had extended screen time. But Kangana did a fantastic job, especially in the action scenes."

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