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Hrithik Roshan's struggle revealed by sister Sunaina is the inspiration you need!

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Published on: September 1, 2018 | Updated on: September 1, 2018

On the work front, Hrithik Roshan is currently gearing up for the release of his upcoming movie 'Super 30'.

Hrithik Roshan with sister Sunaina.

Hrithik Roshan with sister Sunaina.

New Delhi: Days after Raksha Bandhan, Sunaina Roshan has shared a heartwarming note on her blog for her brother Hrithik Roshan.

The 'Kaabil' actor shares a very special bond with his family, particularly his sister Sunaina. She dedicated the blog post titled 'My Brother Duggu' to Hrithik and the sweet childhood memories which the duo shared.

Expressing love for her brother in the post, Sunaina revealed how Hrithik was a shy, yet a really determined and stubborn child. She also said that the actor was too shy to even interact with her girlfriends.

Sunaina also revealed some really interesting things about the actor. She mentioned that Hrithik uses different cologne for each role he plays and never uses it again. She wrote, "When he was preparing for his role for Krrish, he had two different perfumes, particular to his characters of Rohit (Son) and Krishna (Father), in the film."

Sunaina also revealed how dealing with stammer was Hrithik's biggest hurdle, writing , "I remember watching him at the age of 13 as he would sit and read aloud for hours, sometimes alone in the bathroom every single day, morning and night without fail. He would record his voice to know the words that he would stammer and at practise them over and over again till he got them right."

Hrithik had suffered a lot of other obstacles too before he became an actor, said Sunaina. She wrote, "One day his back went into a spasm and was told by doctors that he had a genetic disorder. They told him to forget about becoming an actor because it was a major issue and if he jumped or danced or did action in movies he could be in a wheelchair in 5 years. He was heartbroken at the age of 21, But my brother did not give up. he went to all the doctors possible and when science gave up on him, he gave up on science, instead he starting reading books and researching day and night, basically self-teaching and self-manifesting what he wanted."

When the actor was diagnosed with a brain clot, the whole family was worried and shocked, but Hrithik kept his calm and stood strong. Sunaina added, "I was numb for a few seconds not knowing how I would have the courage to face him and see him in pain."

"We must have gone to about two or three doctors on the same day and one constant line he would ask the doctor, 'how much time will it take to recover? I have to be back on the sets of a shoot'," the loving sister wrote.

She ended the blog by showering her love for her brother. She said, "Duggu, you are a gift to my heart, a friend to my spirit and a golden thread to the meaning of my life. I loved you yesterday and I love you still, I always have and forever will."

Following the blog, Hrithik got nostalgic and shared the blog post on his Twitter handle. The actor wrote, "My sweet sister takes me down memory lane. Love you too didi @sunainaRoshan22"

Hrithik too was Sunaina's biggest support when she wanted to make a choice her father didn't agree to and was going through cancer treatment.

On the work front, Hrithik Roshan is currently gearing up for the release of his upcoming movie 'Super 30'.

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