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Salman’s ‘rape’ comment was dubbed: Rakhi Sawant is back with her ‘conspiracy’ theory

Published Jul 1, 2016, 4:00 pm IST
Updated Jul 1, 2016, 4:00 pm IST
Still from the video.
 Still from the video.

Mumbai: Remember the AIB controversy and Rakhi Sawant trying to make sense out of it by coming up with her own conspiracy theory? Well, she is back with the same theory again, and this time, it’s for Salman Khan’s ‘raped woman’ comment.

At an event, Rakhi Sawant was asked about her opinion on Salman Khan’s insensitive comment to which the actress said that the superstar never ‘spoke’ the words and instead became a victim of doctored footage.

“I don’t think Salman Khan has said this. I promise you that Salman Khan hasn’t said this. It’s like he did a lip movement, like it was done to Karan Johar and all (referring to the AIB Roast which also had Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor), and abusive language was dubbed over whatever they were saying. In the same way, Salman has just done the lip movement and someone else has dubbed over him. There are many imitators of Salman Khan, there are various mimicry artists out there who can do it. I promise you, Salman gives love to people, he’d never say something like that about a woman,” says Rakhi Sawant.

Rakhi went further on and said that nothing will happen to Salman since he has PM Modi on his side. Rakhi further added, "Salman Khan is being targeted for no reason. He is a legend, and has always done good. He has helped widows and donated to orphanages. Therefore it is not fair to accuse him of one statement. Salman Khan has Modi on side, therefore no harm will come to him."

You can watch the entire conversation below:



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