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Sidharth is and will always be special: Alia Bhatt

Published Jun 1, 2017, 12:49 pm IST
Updated Jun 1, 2017, 12:49 pm IST
Alia Bhatt and Sidharth Malhotra in a scene from their debut film 'Student of the Year'.
 Alia Bhatt and Sidharth Malhotra in a scene from their debut film 'Student of the Year'.

Mumbai: After rendering back-to-back super hits, busy bee Alia Bhatt has finally taking a breather. Other than gearing up for two potential blockbusters with the Bollywood doyens Ranbir Kapoor and Ranveer Singh, Alia’s currently focused on honing her Kathak skills and is supporting a cause that has been very close to her bosom- animal rights.

In an interview with a popular daily, Alia spilled some beans about the repercussions of working non-stop, her getting used to ‘Sidharth Malhotra’s rumoured ladylove’ tag and why she would never reveal all aspects of her life to the world.

Alia, a good friend of fellow ‘Student of the Year’ debutant Sidharth Malhotra, is apparently oblivious to the stories that pop up about them being ‘lovebirds’. She says, “There’s no denying that I do spend time with him. So, I am not going to say that, ‘Oh, I wasn’t spotted with Sid’. I was seen and I am okay with people spotting me there. I am very happy going to parties with him and being spotted at lunches with him. But I do the same thing with my other friends as well and spend time with them too. But Sidharth is and will always be special. That goes without saying… I think it’s (rumours of her dating Sidharth) ‘faction’. I now have a new term for this. When people use the world ‘rumour’, I am like, ‘Kahaan ka rumour? Woh ho gaya. Abhi rumour nahi hai; ye purana ho gaya hai’ (What rumour? That’s old now. There’s no rumour anymore). Earlier, stories would call ‘rumoured lovebirds’. Now, there’s no rumour; it’s just lovebirds.”

While the ‘Udta Punjab’ actress is fine with her contemporaries going all out about their personal lives, Alia, on the other hand, likes to keep a part of her personal life to herself. “It’s great that some people are open about their personal lives and about what they are doing. I am also quite open about some areas of my life and not that much about other spheres,” she explains.

Talking about Ranbir and Ranveer, who she will be working with in ‘Dragon’ and ‘Gully Boy’ respectively, Bhatt Jr said that she is equally excited about collaborating with these two. “Of course, definitely [excited about working with Ranbir kapoor and Ranveer Singh]. They are heart-throbs, and how. Of course, Ayan (Mukerji) and Zoya (Akhtar) are also heart-throbs to me, because of their sheer brilliance. Both are different films (‘Dragon’ and ‘Gully Boy’), so they can’t be compared,” said Alia.

A self-proclaimed workaholic, Alia was initially struggling with her ongoing break but she has managed to make good use of it. “Yes, it’s very unusual for me. Honestly, for the first few days, I was a bit confused, as I didn’t know what was happening. I found it a bit weird so initially, I took off to London, where Ayan (Mukerji; director) was working on some stuff for Dragon, so I thought, ‘I will take a holiday and plus, I will also spend some time with him to feel like a part of the film process.’ Then, I came back, as I had some work but again went to London with my mum. But whenever I am sitting at home, I am thinking, ‘why am I not working, what is happening, what do I do next.’ It’s not getting me to a negative side but it is making me very anxious. In a way, it’s good too, as I am doing all the things that I wanted to do before such as working on my animal campaign, attending classes and reading my scripts that I am going to start work on. So, I have already started prepping for all my films,” concludes the actress.



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