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My brother Rohit is my real life hero, says Varun Dhawan

Published Jun 1, 2016, 7:29 pm IST
Updated Jun 2, 2016, 8:42 am IST
With Rohit Dhawan's 'Dishoom', actor Akshaye Khanna is doing his acting comeback in Bollywood.
The lead actors along with the makers at the trailer of 'Dishoom'.
 The lead actors along with the makers at the trailer of 'Dishoom'.

The entire team of Dishoom- director Rohit Dhawan, actors John Abraham, Varun Dhawan, Jacqueline Fernandez and Sajid Nadiadwala launched the trailer of their much-awaited film on June 2.

Talking about how the project and title fell into place, Rohit said, “Sajid’s instincts is so strong and he is so decisive that it gives me confidence. It was his reaction to the basic story that pushed me to write the script. Talking about the title, be it any age or strata of the society, the first word a kid utters is Dishoom. There is no better word to describe action genre in our country, hence the title Dishoom. Varun has had it from me a lot in childhood.”


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John will be seen teaming up with Rohit Dhawan, who previously helmed 'Desi Boyz'. He said, "I think just all of us coming together is fantastic... Rohit is like my little brother. After 'Desi Boyz' I am coming back with him. The chemistry which I share with Varun on-screen is the same off screen."

Talking about Jacqueline Fernandez and Akshaye Khanna who makes a comeback after four years, John said, "I've worked with Jacquline before and I've teamed up with her again, she is a sweetheart. I am a huge fan of Akshaye. The fact that he is in the film means so much to me personally. He is a fantastic actor."


Varun, who has teamed up brother Rohit spoke about how special this film is to him, “He is my brother and he is my hero in real life. I remember when Desi Boyz had released, I had been to every theatre to gauge the audience reaction and it’s different from what my and father’s films get. I can’t put it in words how it feels when your own blood gives his life to make something special. Honestly, there is one person needed who needs to be very obsessive in making the film and that was Rohit. I am proud that his madness has made this film work.”


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The actor sustained several injuries while shooting for the action packed film, he said, “There was a shot where I had to jump over a car and it was around 38-40 degrees. We were not getting the perfect take and he is quite a perfectionist. We kept doing it again and again and while jumping over the car, my finger got stuck in the bonnet of the car. As it was hot, I ended up getting a heat stroke and I don’t think I fainted but Rohit claims that I did.”


To this, Rohit added, “Yes, he did faint for a few seconds. But what’s surprising is the fact that nothing happened to him when he was hanging from the chopper.”

Talking about the equations the two brothers shared on the set, Rohit said, "Emotions don't come in the way while shooting. We were extremely professional with each other in the capacity of an actor and director. We never had issues on the sets because we had spent a lot of time with the script. We underwent a lot of sessions and everybody knew their characters quite well so there was no reasoning on sets. Both Varun and John are fantastic actors to work with. Varun as an actor is extremely hard working and hungry who wants to give his best to every single shot."


Akshaye, who had taken a sabbatical break, is returning to the big screen after many years. He said, “I had some personal issues which I had to take care of; hence I couldn’t work for a while. But I am thrilled to be back with this film. The reason I signed this film was because the script was so fresh. 36 hours before India-Pakistan match finals, a major Indian cricket player gets kidnapped. That simple one liner is so interesting and fresh and the fact that I kidnap him is even more exciting.”