Bigg Boss fame Gautam Krishna's First Look From Solo Boy out

Producer Seven Hills Satish's remarks suggest a sense of confidence in the project, especially given the success of their previous endeavor, "Battala Ramaswamy biopic"

Gautam Krishna, renowned for his stint in Bigg Boss Season 7, is set to dazzle audiences once again, this time as the lead in the upcoming film "Solo Boy." Produced by Seven Hills Productions and starring Shweta Awasthi and Ramya Pasupuleti alongside Gautam, the movie is helmed by director P. Naveen Kumar, with choreography by Ata Sandeep. The much-anticipated title announcement and the grand unveiling of the first look poster were held on the 7th of this month, marking a significant milestone in the film's journey.

Speaking at the event, producer Seven Hills Satish expressed his excitement about the project, highlighting the challenges and triumphs of filmmaking during the Covid era. He emphasized the relatability of the story to the current generation, urging audiences to support the film, promising an unforgettable cinematic experience. With principal photography already completed, except for two songs, Satish Garu reassured fans that "Solo Boy" is poised to capture hearts just like Gautam's previous works.

Gautam Krishna, in his address, reflected on his journey as an actor, from his breakout role in "Akashavidhi" to his memorable stint in Bigg Boss 7. He expressed gratitude for the warm reception from audiences and expressed confidence in the film's quality, promising innovative promotional strategies for the teaser and trailer releases. Gautam shared his joy at collaborating with Seven Hills' Satish once again, underscoring the promising synergy between the actor-producer duo.

Director P. Naveen Kumar echoed the sentiments of excitement and anticipation, assuring that "Solo Boy" would cater to a wide spectrum of audiences, from the youth to family demographics. The ensemble cast, including Posani Krishna Murali, Anita Chaudhary, and Shafi, among others, adds depth and diversity to the film's narrative.

Behind the scenes, the technical team, including cinematographer Thrilok Sidhu and music composer Judah Sandhy, has worked tirelessly to bring the director's vision to life. With a stellar lineup of talent and a compelling storyline, "Solo Boy" promises to be a cinematic treat for Telugu audiences, resonating with viewers on multiple levels.

As anticipation builds for the release of "Solo Boy," fans eagerly await the unveiling of the teaser and trailer, poised to witness Gautam Krishna's stellar performance and the magic woven by the Seven Hills Productions team. With the support of audiences and the blessings of well-wishers, "Solo Boy" is poised to make a lasting impact in the world of Telugu cinema.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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