Arrow Cinemas' Latest Film "Vindu Bhojanam" Makes a Splash on Aha OTT Platform

Hyderabad: Arrow Cinemas is thrilled to announce the release of their latest blockbuster, "Vindu Bhojanam," exclusively on the Aha OTT platform. Since its release, the film has garnered tremendous praise and has been met with an overwhelmingly positive response from audiences.

"Vindu Bhojanam," directed by KarthiK S, features an ensemble cast and promises a unique cinematic experience. The film's engaging storyline, coupled with stellar performances and captivating visuals, has captivated viewers across the board.

The cast of the film includes actors: Akhil Raj Uddemari, Aishwarya Holakkal, Siddharth Gollapudi, Abhishek Boddepalli, Harsha Vardhan, Anitha Chowdary, Keshav Deepak, Ashritha Vemuganti, Murali Krishna, Bala and Veerabadhram. Cinematography is by Ajay and Dev Deep Kundu. The music is composed by Ree.

"We are delighted by the enthusiastic response 'Vindu Bhojanam' has received on Aha," said Boosam Jagan Mohan Reddy - Founder & Managing Director - Arrow Advertising India Pvt Ltd & Arrow Cinemas Producer. "This film represents our commitment to delivering high-quality entertainment that resonates with audiences of all ages."

Aha OTT platform continues to be a preferred choice for viewers seeking diverse and engaging content. The addition of "Vindu Bhojanam" to its repertoire further enriches its content library and reinforces its position as a leading destination for entertainment enthusiasts.During the trial, Limpo said he was the victim of political persecution and felt that he had been slandered by his subordinates in his ministry who fears of being replaced or removed from their position.

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( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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