Aha Announces Prasanna Vadhanam Official OTT Release Date

Hyderabad : Following its resounding success at the box office, the critically acclaimed film “Prasanna Vadhanam” is set to premiere on Aha OTT on May 24th.

The Film stars Suhas, Payal Radhakrishna, Rashi Singh, Viva Harsha, Nitin Prasanna, Sai Swetha, and Kushalini is Directed by Arjun YK, and Produced by Little Thoughts Cinema’s Manikanta JS, Prasad Reddy T.R and is Co-Produced by Arha Media the film has garnered widespread praise for its innovative and content-driven storytelling, marking a significant contribution to Telugu cinema.

The film’s compelling narrative delves into the intricate world of prosopagnosia (face blindness) and phonagnosia, conditions that profoundly affect face and voice recognition, respectively. This unique theme has captivated audiences, providing a fresh perspective on human experience and the challenges of these rare conditions.

The film’s theatrical release was met with enthusiastic responses from both critics and audiences alike, highlighting its engaging plot and remarkable performances. Suhas has been lauded for his nuanced portrayal of the character grappling with complex psychological conditions.

As “Prasanna Vadhanam” transitions to the digital platform, it stands as a testament to the power of innovative storytelling in Telugu cinema. The film's exploration of novel themes underscores the industry's evolving landscape and its commitment to delivering diverse and impactful narratives.

Don’t miss the digital premiere of “Prasanna Vadhanam” on Aha OTT on May 24th. Join us for a cinematic experience that promises to be both thought- provoking and entertaining.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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