Adnan Khan and Mallika Singh to Star in Ekta Kapoor's Historical Drama

Adnan Khan shares insights into his portrayal of Emperor Ashoka in the upcoming project.

Mumbai: Adnan Khan and Mallika Singh will be seen in Ekta Kapoor’s historical drama. Adnan to Don the avatar of,”Prachand Ashoka “is all excited to play this historical role as the male lead in the captivating historical project.


Adnan Khan stepping into the shoes of emperor Ashoka is a huge thing. How do you look at yourself now in this character?

Well the only thing I can see in this character is that it is a complex character. My personal opinion about playing the emperor having innumerable layers is enjoyable. An emperor being one of the best fighters and the best warrior in the whole of India is definitely a fantastic feeling. Along with it, his complex relationship with his parents and siblings gives a different insight. Every relationship poses different complexities and gives out its own unique side.

How did you bag this role?

I was very lucky to have been approached when my previous show was almost ending. I was fortunate enough to have received an offer for this character from BalajiTelefilms. I am very anxious to get this offer as I haven’t done this kind of a role and not mouthed this kind of a language. This historical character bestowed upon me indeed feels great .Initially, though playing the Maharaja I was a little apprehensive but I am happy I opted for it.

Wearing the emperor's look and attire, what attitude do you bring forth along with the character? Elaborate?

No sooner, you wear the emperor’s attire and hold that sword in your hands you get an attitude on its own. The look and hair are enough to get that attitude of an emperor. Truly speaking I hardly need to put on anything, everything falls in place on par with attitude and this attitude helps me bring life into my dialogues with ease.

Do you not feel like beginning to don this historical character, you may get type cast?

I don’t believe in all that. I feel my choices of characters are based on what fun I may derive with my characters I play. My next choice will totally depend on how much fun we will derive from it.

Since how long have you had the interest of getting into this field of glitz and glam?

I have never looked at this field merely to be just a glitzy world. Also I had received a huge amount of attention while I was just a kid. I was popular in school and glamour. I chose to be in this industry as after watching a director’s film, I was moved hugely and since then I wanted to take up this profession of acting.

Tell us something about yourself and your humble beginnings in this profession?

I don’t like to presume things beforehand but as I was going along I started figuring out things easily .Initially, I just didn’t decide anything but landed here to try my luck. Having struggled a lot I have reached here.Yes, I do believe I credit my humble beginnings as my first few parts to smaller ones. I felt hurt but I didn’t understand much about playing the lead characters. However, having played all my smaller parts to the best of my abilities, sincerely putting in my best foot forward I reached this position playing the Maharaja. It gives ample sense of satisfaction indeed.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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