Baahubali: Crown of Blood is No.1 Hindi Show on Disney+Hotstar

Mumbai: Graphic India and Arka Mediaworks announced that their new animated series, Baahubali: Crown of Blood, has ranked as the #1 show in Hindi on May 20, 2024, above all other live-action shows and films on Disney+Hotstar.

Having premiered on May 17th, Season 1 of the series is a trailblazer, setting a groundbreaking new milestone for the Indian animation industry as the first original 2D-animated show to ever appear at the top of the streaming charts.

Graphic India’s previous hit series, The Legend of Hanuman, has previously also reached number one status on the streaming charts in each of its three seasons as a 3D-animated show (most recently in January 2024) – making Graphic India the most successful animation producer in India, with two separate shows reaching the #1 ranking on Disney+Hotstar in just the last 5 months.

Independent media consulting and data analytics group, Ormax Media listed Baahubali: Crown of Blood as the Top 3 Hindi shows or films in India for the past week across all streaming platforms in the country. Ormax estimates the show received 3.3 million viewers in just the first few days.

Bahubali: Crown of Blood was created by S.S. Rajamouli and Sharad Devarajan and produced by Rajamouli, Devarajan & Shobu Yarlagadda, with a story by Devarajan and directed and produced by Jeevan J. Kang & Navin John.

The epic new chapter in the Baahubali universe takes audiences into an animated untold story of epic adventure, brotherhood, betrayal, conflict, and heroism.

The creator of the Baahubali universe, S.S. Rajamouli, said, “The world of Baahubali is vast, and the film franchise was the perfect introduction to the same. However, there’s so much more to explore, and that’s where Baahubali: Crown of Blood comes into the picture. This story will reveal for the first time many unknown twists in the lives of Baahubali and Bhallaladeva and a dark secret long forgotten as the two brothers must save Mahishmati. We are extremely happy to introduce this new chapter to Baahu’s fans and to bring this story in an animated format, which brings a new, exciting look to the world of Baahubali. Arka Mediaworks and I are delighted to collaborate with Sharad Devarajan, Disney+Hotstar, and Graphic India as we reshape Indian animation for a broader audience beyond kids.”

Sharad Devarajan, Co-Creator, Writer, and Producer of Baahubali: Crown of Blood said, "S.S. Rajamouli's epic storytelling and groundbreaking Baahubali films have captivated the imagination of hundreds of millions of fans across India, redefining all of the Indian entertainment for a generation. He is one of the greatest creators in the world and it’s a dream come true to collaborate with him and Arka Mediaworks to share these new untold stories. Baahubali: Crown of Blood is an animated action-packed adventure filled with political intrigue, drama, betrayal, war, heroism, loyalty, and courage. This is my second animation project with Disney+Hotstar after 'The Legend of Hanuman’ franchise and they have been the perfect partners for us at Graphic India to launch these groundbreaking new older animated shows for the country."

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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