Vaishnav Tej has to shun action roles

Vaishnav Tej's 'Uppena' Success: Calls for Strategic Script Choices in Competitive Market

Hyderabad: Young actor Vaishnav Tej has to give up fascination for anger driven role after a dud like Adhikesava. "Action roles demand certain kind of look and image so Vaishnav Tej has to shun such roles to score a big hit since he looks like boy next door, " says a distributor and adds, "The transition from lover boy to action roles takes lot of time and Vaishnav has to realise it."

No doubt, Vaishnav arrived with a bang in 'Uppena" and viewers lapped him up in tragic lover boy role. "His performance was appreciated and he has to pick such unique scripts to sustain in the competitive market. Despite hailing from Mega family, he has to move up the ladder of success slowly. Rather than doing an action adventure like Adhikesava and hoping to become fiery action star overnight,' he points out.

He played a down to earth role in Kondapolam but it also failed to impress. "Even love stories have to boast of some novelty since regular romantic dramas are not working these days, he adds.

Vaishnav Tej has to rely on good content since he to compete with new generation stars like Vijay Devarakonda, Navin Polishetty and Sidhu Jonalagadda. "He has tough competition on hand," he concludes.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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