Hrithik Roshan seeks Mahesh Bhatt's advice on Kangana Ranaut scandal

Mahesh Bhatt is not taking sides till all the details are out in the open.

Mumbai: Hrithik Roshan, who has been embroiled in an ugly controversy with Kangana Ranaut, has approached Mahesh Bhatt for advice on the matter.

According to a report in Spotboye, Hrithik gave a 'blow by blow' account of the entire issue to Mahesh. The filmmaker believes that Hrithik would not have made the emails public if he was at fault.

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Mahesh said, "He has consistently taken a stand, and that needs to be noted. I don't think that a person whose hands are stained with blood would then have put the entire thing on public domain. I mean, why would he put his story up for public scrutiny then? Isn't that a question to ask?"

However, he has not given Hrithik a clean chit as yet since he has only heard one side of the story. Mahesh said, "I have a suspended opinion on this as I believe that everything is still not known. Above all, I have heard only one side of the story. Honestly, it doesn't concern me. I came into it because Hrithik wanted my advice as an elderly. I concluded my meeting with him by telling him that he'll have to weather the storm until the investigative agencies have run out of all their options. Till then, he should trust them and have patience. And I think we all should play the waiting game and not take sides until every detail is out in the open."

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Meanwhile, Kangana has alleged that Hrithik sent her multiple emails to which she responded, only to be told that they were directed to an impostor posing as the star. Kangana further went on to say that Hrithik had hacked into her account to delete a few emails, to avoid over- complicating his divorce proceedings with ex-wife Sussanne Khan.

What started as a complaint against an alleged imposter by Hrithik has turned into an ugly public and legal battle between the two stars, with both coming up with allegations and counter-allegations against each other every second day.

Hrithik, who was the first to send the legal notice to Kangana, has demanded that she apologise in a press conference publicly and clear the air about their alleged affair which he firmly refutes. Kangana had replied by sending a counter-notice to the actor and alleging him of 'slut-shaming' her by circulating private mails and photos.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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